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Mar 29, 2013 08:10 AM

Thom Thom Steak & Seafood ... OR... ?

Got a call today. Out of state relatives looking to visit next month. They are not Chowhounds, but they are steak lovers. They found on-line reviews from questionable sources a place in Wantagh called Thom Thom Steak & Seafood. And asked if we could go there. I looked it up and the NYT article:

says that the only thing that might peak my interest is the pork dumplings. They can order the grilled hanger steak. And if all else fails I'll just get the pork osso bucco.

(full disclosure: I last visited a few years ago, before the new ownership took over and changed up the menu


Anybody been since the new owners took over?
Or can we recommend another nearby place to entertain us?

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  1. I recommend you go to a place where they have a real "chef at the helm".

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      LOL! Why? Is the name of the chef at Thom Thom on the menu? If not, then you misunderstood my other post