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May 5, 2000 10:55 AM

DimSum, Pizza, Mexican food

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I miss the DimSum back in southern California that my Asian friends would take me to for lunch.
Is there a place for GREAT DimSum around Austin?
I'm also looking for Pizza - Chicago Style. And GREAT mexican food that's not floating in yellow cheese and ground beef (TexMex). I looking for shredded beef or pork dishes. Any help is appreiciated.

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    Phil Wronski

    It's not dim sum, but try Pao's Mandarin House at 8th and Brazos. The Chinese menu (the yellow plastic one - you sometimes have to ask for it) has many excellent dim sumlike items, larger portions but some priced as low as 3 bucks.

    Get the seaweed, with little bits of fresh garlic; the crispy tea-smoked duck; vegetarian dumplings with tiny bits of greens, tofu and noodles; cold chicken barely cooked through and drenched with rice wine; any of the vegetables stir-fried with garlic; braised pork with preserved mustard greens, deliriously fatty but such silky fat! Ok, I've gone on and on, but I've never had a bad dish off the Chinese menu.

    The Austin Chronicle website has listings and reviews of actual dim sum restaurants, though the site can be hard to navigate.

    For interior Mexican food read Greg Spence's post. I especially concur with his opinion of Las Manitas at 3rd and Congress. It's not open for dinner. I also think you should try the conchinita y pibil, a shredded pork leg dish, at Curra's on Oltorf. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's great.

    If you find good pizza, please let me know. My own experience has inspired me to learn how to make it myself.

    1. Try Curras for great mexican food. I also like Las Manitas and El Sol y La Luna.

      Reale's Pizza, in northwest Austin, is New York style, but very good.

      1. The Austin Chronicle- listing Tien Hong restaurant at
        Burnet road and 183 is the best Dim Sum in town.