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Mar 29, 2013 06:29 AM

Philadelphian going to Fenway

Just read the Guide to Fenway Park I think we'll stick to food IN the park unless you can help us find a place that suits the two of us. I like seafood but nothing with mayo or onions, while my husband hates seafood and he likes onions. Burgers and Dogs in the park should be fine then. The burning question for my husband is, that neither the guide or the fenway website answers, is what beers, if any are on tap in the park? My husband is a beer snob and prefers only CRAFT beers. So if there are any, where in the park do we find them? In Philly there are special craft beer kiosks around the lower level concourse. We'll be under cover in the grandstand between home and third. Thanks in advance for any advice you have for us first timers.

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  1. You're over-thinking it. You needn't spend all day in the area, as there's not much to do but the tour is kinda fun. Pre-game at Island Creek Oyster for some snacks and good beer and wine at the big beautiful bar (pay no attention to the posted hours - they are open for lunch and dinner on game days but get there early, as it fills up). Then head inside for Fenway Franks (do not get the pretzels - they are awful). Citizen Oyster is another fun pre-game option.

    The closest thing to craft beer inside Fenway is Harpoon (out on Yawkey) or Green Monsta Ale (a couple of random places on the concourse - look for the green tap). This was last season, of course, so there may be changes.

    Depending on which game you are attending, there might be food and beer discounts (I wonder how that is even legal in Boston?) in an attempt to extend the sell-out streak.

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      Beer discounts are always legal in Boston, as long as the discount lasts the whole week. (It might actually be that the price you sell beer for has to be higher than the lowest price you've used for the previous calendar you could discount on Sunday, but prices can't go any lower than that, that week.)

      Basically, there's no day-long specials, but you can change your beer prices on a long-term basis, no problem.

      1. re: Fly

        Ah...thanks for the clarification.

    2. Fenway has terrible beer selection.

      The PDF map here (all the way at the bottom, PDF version only):

      Has a legible key to what beers are where. There's nothing fancy. Sam Adams is as close as you're going to get to craft beer.

      1. Your husband will be disappointed in Fenway's beer selection. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know there is one kiosk in the Big Concourse under the bleachers that serves Sam Adams. The rest of the beer stands serve Bud, Bud Light, and the like. There are several nice places to eat prior to the game where you can get quality beer, but they will be busy. They include Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore, Eastern Standard also in Kenmore. ON the other side of the park is Citizen's Public House, which has good food, and quality drinks. Try to stay away from Jerry Remy's near Citizen's Public House, I've eaten there once and regretted it. If you're baseball fans, though, Fenway is a really great place to see a game, as you are closer to the field than almost any park in MLB.

        Where are you staying? It may be better to eat first nearer to your hotel (where the crowds may be lighter pre-game), then trek down to Fenway afterwards. Also if you take public transportation to the game, get off at Kenmore station, NOT Fenway station. Fenway station is much further away from the park. Enjoy your stay here in Boston!

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          The variety escapes me, but there are a few different beers on the Coca-Cola deck that you can not find elsewhere in the park. Nothing crazy, but not Bud. I do recall, at the very least, Harpoon UFO.

          Head down the Yard House for beer before and/or after. They have an excellent selection.

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            Can you get to the Coca Cola deck if you're not sitting there? I know there are places you can't go in the park without an appropriate ticket.

            1. re: kimfair1

              you can get to the Budweiser deck, but only behind the bar (where you can't see the field at all) if you don't have a ticket for that area. From there you can walk behind the Coke Deck (great place on a hot night as there is always a breeze there, but you can't see anything at all), and I think there's a stairway to the standing area over the coke deck from there.

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              Thanks for letting us know you have a Yard House up there! First experience was in Vegas last October! My husband and I love that place and want one near us!

          2. Whatever you do, don't wear any Phillies attire unless your husband can bench press about 350....

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              Why? Nobody cares about the Phillies. There's not going to be some fight because a guy from Philly showed up for a game at Fenway, particularly in the infield grandstands. Fenway is a perfectly welcoming place.

              I wouldn't go out of my way to heckle the Sox if you want to keep the peace, but don't make Fenway out to be a dangerous place for a visiting fan.

                1. re: Fly

                  I brought a Phillies fan to Fenway a few years back in full Phillies gear, and there was no issue. Maybe not a good idea in the bleachers, but ultimately Red Sox fans are an accommodating lot. Just not to Yankees fans! ;~)

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                  Strange you say that Veggo as I have always enjoyed my visits to Fenway, wearing a Phillies cap. Never a problem actually to the contrary. Good interactions with interesting baseball fans, kind, considerate people enjoying the park, the game and their team. Good stuff!

                3. the food inside the park is terrible and overpriced. You can bring food in, so I suggest a trip to Dr. Peppers sausage stand on landsdowne st (someone help me... What is the real name of his stand?)

                  Or eating somewhere before the game. Lots of good options near the park.

                  Personally I think Fenway franks which are dumped from the package into hot water are gross but others swear that you must eat at least one.

                  No craft beer unless they have surprises for us in 2013. Theyd probably charge $15 for it, too.

                  Discounted beer and dogs is April only.

                  Feel free to wear your Phillies gear as no one cares about them here.

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                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    Dr. Pepper's stand is the Sausage Connection. Second one in on Lansdowne, IIRC, after Sausage King (who is also pretty good, but more expensive and doesn't have Inner Beauty).