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Mar 29, 2013 06:07 AM

Egg & Olive: Archaic and Good

With a lot of hard-boiled eggs in the near future, consider Egg & Olive, an egg salad variant that was birthday-party food when I was a child---I thought everybody knew about it but when I serve it I find out that nowadays it is not well-known. Just mash up hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise and add a lot of chopped green olives that are stuffed with pimiento (I use the "salad olives"). This is good on whole wheat bread with crunchy lettuce. Be careful of adding extra salt as the olives are salty.

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  1. Always a favorite here. Yard eggs, salad olives, and Duke's mayonnaise. No salt, but a good dose of course ground black pepper. Never tried the lettuce, but will next time. We enjoy it on Kellogg Sea Salt Cracker Chips too. Yum!

    1. I like putting olives in my tuna, and tuna in my egg, so I can see why this would work.

      1. I love egg salad and olive sandwiches! DH looks at me like I lost my mind, LOL.

        1. Love them too. Thanks for the reminder as this is a great thing to do with those hardboiled eggs rolling around this time of year.