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Mar 29, 2013 05:46 AM

Lunch in St. Augustine, FL?

Will be spending a few hours in St. Augustine. Looking for a tasty, casual place to dine.

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  1. We were in St. Augustine a few weeks ago (we always spend a day there on the way to visit family) and had lunch at The Columbia. They do Cuban dishes and I always enjoy it- particularly the chicken and yellow rice. Breakfast was at 95 Cordova. We'd never been and both ended up getting omelets. A bit expensive (about $12-15 each) but delicious. Light and fluffy and full of veggies. My husband the health nut loved it. And gelato at Cafe Hildalgo is a guaranteed stop after Castillo de San Marcos. Enjoy your visit!

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      Thank you so much. I will jot these ideas down.