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Mar 29, 2013 05:20 AM

Recs for four day foodie trip: Wash and Balt requests

We are foodies and know we'd have to plan ahead and like the following.
Places that have good food: locals, food stands, does not have to be fine dining. We'll have a car; haven't decided where we are staying yet.
1. Baltimore: Outdoors (if possible): seafood - oysters, crab or other? Foodie grocery stores, local specialties
2. Washington area: small plates, mediterranean and molecular gastronomy (we love Jose Andres).
We are planning to go mid May.

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  1. Baltimore:

    Pioneer Pit Beef is literally a shack underneath the highway in Baltimore. Sliced beef sandwich (or you can order just the meat by the pound), no more than medium rare. If a sandwich, order with tiger sauce. Not open Sundays.

    Bill's Terrace Inn for pickin' crab. They open at 4pm, and you should plan on getting there early or expect a wait. Not outdoors.

    Rogue 24 for a small plates tasting menu. The Andres places (Jaleo, Zaytinya) for tapas. Minibar as well if you can get in.

    You can go to any restaurant, order appetizers, split them, and you have created your own small plates tasting menu.

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      1. The Brixton in DC does a great small plate Sunday brunch. I also like Boqueria for tapas. My favorite place for oysters, if you didn't get them in MD, is Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont or Old Town.

        1. It's hard to beat Cantler's for outdoor crabs, but that's in Annapolis.

          1. Did a Baltimore deli crawl with friends a few weeks back whiich wrapped at Belvedere Square as a good place to socialize, drink and eat in a foodie atmosphere.Cierello's (Italian deli), Neopol, Atwater's, candy and nut shop, sushi and Grand Cru wine bar which will let you bring in food from all the other places or eat theirs (which is pretty good too). Away from the downtown, so not particularly touristy.