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May 4, 2000 05:31 PM

looking for "Table Grill" asian restaurant...

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Greetings All,
I used to live in Orange County, Calif. and frequented a restaurant there in Cypress called the Genghis Khan. It's forte was that it was a buffet that featured raw meats & veggies that you could bring to your table (booth), and cook them on a "hibachi" sized grill that was mounted in the center of the table. They had a teriyaki sauce that you dipped the fresh cooked goods in to cool, and flavor them. The stuff was delicious. Since my return to Austin several years ago, I've yet to find but one place like this in Houston. I belive it was near Bissonet & Beltway 8, on the west end of town, that while similar, it just didn't have the same "umph" as my old fave rave. As we travel regionally on a regular basis, I thought I'd inquire as to whether anyone had seen this type of setup anywhere else within a day's drive of Austin. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. The keyword you may want to look for is "mongolian barbecue". It's actually becoming somewhat trendy

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      Phil Wronski

      There are places called Mongolian Barbecue at 117 San Jacinto and 9200 N. Lamar. You pick your own ingredients and sauces but I don't think they barbecue at the table. I haven't been to either place myself.

      1. If you are ready to take a ride, come down to the Clear Lake area (SE of Houston) and visit Hot Wok -- tableside cooking with your choice of ingredients. This restaurant is in a building along the feeder road of I-45 (Gulf Freeway south take the Nasa 1 exit) that used to be a Shoneys, so it looks a bit "unlikely" but is well worth the trip.

        1. Sorry for the dated reply, only just found this board.

          Sounds like what you're looking for is a Korean BBQ. Try Korea House on Anderson, just west of Burnet. I know they have the grill tables for it, but I haven't had the chance yet. (They do have a nice sushi lunch special, though.)

          David Cook

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            Better late than never, David! And welcome to Chowhound. You're gonna like it here. pat