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Mar 29, 2013 05:18 AM

Goodies Box

I recently tried the new Walmart subscription deal. For $7 you get a box each month with purportedly gourmet food samples inside, and then can of course buy full sizes of things you like through the website after trial. I gave it 2 months but was disappointed with the quality...whole grain fig newtons was not what I was looking for, so I have quit. But I loved the idea of the box of treats every month to sample - does anyone know of a similar program that does a good job?

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  1. I just heard about a program called Graze. It's a UK thing, but they've just come to the US. It's $5 a box, shipping included, and it looks like there are four items to a box. Seem to be healthy sweet and savory snacks made by Graze. Sounds like people really like it. You get different snacks each time and can specify what you do or don't like. I think you can even get lower-calorie boxes. You can see the snacks on their website -- they look tasty. Not sure how big they are. Right now in the US, until the official launch, you need an invitation code. (Btw, if anyone has one, I'd love to try this, and would appreciate your sharing. I'm worried about posting my email, but let me know you have it and we can figure it out. TIA!) Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?

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      Graze reminds me of a small ice cream maker out of Brooklyn, NY who only delivers (by bicycle) her homemade flavors to the neighborhood; pint by pint. She has an exclusive membership (which started out by invitation only like Graze) list that she keeps to communication with customers by email or fax. Every three months there's a new line up of ice cream flavors to choose from. She only works in small batches. Makes a nice living but already has expansion issues to address.

      There's a health bar company that literally lets customers custom design the individual ingredient components of "their" bar from a large list; including a custom food label (half the fun is designing & naming your health bar). This company has recently expanded to a make your own healthy cereal but they began with an invitation only member base.

      I haven't tried Graze but the business model is not new. And if the ingredients, freshness and customer service is consistent, could be interesting to give as a gift; especially as a unique professional/business gift.

    2. Omg...there are many. My favorite food one is mantry.

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        LaLa, their website is a tad ridiculous to navigate but the packaging is very cool.

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          That looks neat, lots of good foods to try and I like the tips/recipes/bios, but waaay too expensive for me right now :(

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            If you google subscription boxes...hundreds of options will come up. I even get baby ones filled with baby stuff, makeup ones, household ones, but the food ones are my favorite!!!!!

          2. Nature Box. You can either get their standard mystery box that shows up at your door or you can select what you want to get each month. I was going to cancel as the mystery box wasn't working for us, but their customer service was very good, turned on the pick-your-box feature which they're rolling out, and dropped by rate from their standard $20/mo for the next six months. So we'll see how we like their stuff now that we can try what we want.

            1. I love this idea as a gift option! May do it for my sister's upcoming birthday--she loves to cook, is open to new products, and can make a meal from odd combos. Will do some research--thanks!