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Mar 29, 2013 01:50 AM

Eating@ hotel del?

Got a recommendation from a friend to take my foreign bf here. I already brought him to HDC but not to eat.

Did a search and didn't find anything clear. I trust CHers

Thoughts on food, drink, value? Recommendations? We don't mind spending if the quality is good


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    1. New chef in the past few months at 1500 Ocean and I haven't been there since, but have always found the cuisine top notch. If staying there, and given the beautiful setting and good recent history, I would say dinner at 1500 would be a no brainer.

      1. Concur with 1500 Ocean. Wife and I had anniversary dinner there. Food and service were excellent.

        1. Robert Hohmann is the new chef at 1500 Ocean and has raised the bar considerably. Terrific food. The Del's wine bar - ENO - now has a brick pizza oven. Fun for more casual food and drink, sitting out side around a fire pit

          1. Also, at 1500 they don't ask that the tasting menu be ordered by the whole table. So you can mix and match quite a bit.