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Mar 28, 2013 11:11 PM

!8 year old goddaughter for "cool" LA dinner

My goddaughter will be in LA for her 18th birthday and wants to have dinner at the "coolest" place there. Suggestions please.

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  1. price range? what's her favorite band or musician?

    1. Price range? What sort of food does she like? What defines, "cool"? People-watching? Cutting-edge food? Sleek, modern decor? Don't know about places that play loud music, but I agree with raizans that favorite music might be an indicator of taste... if cool = Justin Bieber we're dealing with a completely different animal than if cool = The Rolling Stones.

      1. The "coolest" place in LA changes on a weekly basis. If she's into Justin Bieber cool, watch TMZ tomorrow and note which restaurant he just assaulted a photographer outside of.

        If price is no object, she's sophisticated and loves food, and she wants a once in a lifetime thang when she's only 18, well, go straight to Urusawa.

        Otherwise, and I'm thinking back to being 18, when atmosphere mattered more than recipes...I'd go with something like Musso and Frank, the Rainbow, the Dresden, El Coyote, or the like, so you can say, "this rock star/director/actress ate here, died right over there, and this scene of that movie was filmed here and there..."

        I think that'll have more lasting, memorable cool cachet than the gastropub of the week that'll be closed next year. Or, if she's shallow, Katsu-ya on H'wood/Vine. There will be a celeb there.

        1. They want to see celebrities and people not too far from their own age. (but older, fashionable). You know, 40 something is okay, Kirk Douglas? Prolly not.

          Katusuya in Brentwood? Haven't been there in a year or so and that's plenty of time for a place to change.

          They might find the Chateau Marmont to be fun.

          Or Madeo - find all manners of celebs there. And Giorgios in Santa Monica Canyon. I see a lot of young, hip (and usually Asian) at Providence. And almost anything downtown is cool, but not a celebrity in sight.

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            Yeah, my first instinct was to focus on vibe more than anything and suggest a downtown place like Umamicatessan or The Gorbals. Maybe Bar Ama.

          2. Gjelina Venice. "Cool" with actually affordable great food. Make sure to make a reservation.