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Mar 28, 2013 10:02 PM

Road Trip Houston, New Orleans, Nashville, St Louis

Taking my teenage boys on a college road trip. Need suggestions for not to miss lunches or dinners in Houston (near Rice), New Orleans (near Tulane), Nashville (near Vanderbilt) or St Louis (near WUSTL). Thank you!

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  1. For New Orleans do a search for previous threads on uptown, Magazine Street, Feret Street, Oak Street. There are many good choices for inexpensive yet good lunches in the general area of Tulane

    1. dont forget to stop just outside lafayette in scott louisiana for some of the best boudin in the state. At Dons specialty meats.

      1. In St Louis, recommend Gerard Craft's restaurant Pastaria. Fabulous home made pastas with a modern take, casual and won't break the bank. The house made salted caramel gelato is phenomenal.
        Other area close to Wash U that is fun is the loop in University City - home of Seoul Taco a Korean taco joint and Three Kings Public House as well as Pi Pizzeria a favorite of President Obamas. Enjoy!