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Apr 20, 2000 05:16 PM

smoked turkeys

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I heard an NPR story around Christmas time about a guy in Texas who makes the most fantastic smoked turkeys in the country. Has anyone heard of him? Where is he? Does he send smoked turkeys through the mail?
Thank you.

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  1. That would be Greenberg Smoked Turkeys in Tyler. The Dallas Morning News ran a good story about them. I found it on the web by searching Greenberg smoked turkey. And they do ship. They planned to send out 150,000 of them in 1998. According to the Texas Monthly they can be reached by phone (903) 595-0725. That article is from November 1997, so hopefully its not out of date.

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    1. re: Phil Wronski

      Thank you so much! I'm gonna give them a try. I'll let you know how it goes.

      1. re: Jenji

        Please do. Imagine a turkey that is shrunken, ugly and delicious rather than plump, pretty and bland. Oh let it be true!

        1. re: Phil Wronski

          Doesn't Greenberg Smoked Turkeys have a website? Thought I heard they did, but I can't find it. Greenberg's turkeys are wonderful, something I never thought I'd say about any turkey since I don't really care for it.

      2. re: Phil Wronski
        Ralph Montalvo Jr.

        I tasted one at Christmastime and it was Delicious!!