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Mar 28, 2013 06:50 PM

Best Houston Sweets

I've had Dallas' Doughmonkey baked treats and Austin's La Boite's macarons, are there any comparable places in Houston? I would like to grab something (anything) before I head back home to Austin. I would be open to traveling anywhere within the Houston area. Thanks in advance.

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    1. There is a good sweets place on the outskirts of downtown though I can't remember it's name. It's right next door to Raku restaurant on Elgin between Louisiana & Milam.

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        1. re: brucesw

          That's the one. I don't know that I'd say "best" but it is good.

      1. Petite Sweets on Alabama has some good options (macarons & frozen custard, among other things). Also, Crave is offering my favorite cupcake this week, the seasonal Lemon Coconut.

        1. Oh, and I had a piece of cake from Dacapo's recently, which I thought was excellent.

          1. Another favorite if you like chocolate (espically cake) is The Chocolate Bar. I like the one in the Rice Village on University.