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Apr 3, 2000 04:18 PM

Visit to San Antonio

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I'm going to a meeting in San Antonio the 8-12th but am stayin on 'til the 16th. Saw the postings available. We'd love to get to some local Mexican and 'cue spots away from the river walk. We have lots of time Thanks

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  1. In his incredible barbecue odyssey "Smokestack Lightning" Lolis Elie highly recommends Bob's Smokehouse at 3306 Roland though I haven't been there myself and haven't heard mention if it elsewhwere

    Mecca, that is Kreuz in Lockhart is only an hour away. You've got time so there's no excuse not to make the journey.

    1. barbq- sweet or vinegar sauce?
      two favorites of mine for vinegar sauces are
      the Barbeque Station and Casey's.

      for Mexican, depends on how much of a chow hound you are: for moderates : Los Barrios, for serious: Rosarios
      for very serious: Taqueria de Mexico on Somerset Road