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Mar 28, 2013 06:11 PM

Need Easter appetizers. Suggestions???

Hi everyone,
My neighbors have invited several neighbors over for Easter. Everyone is bringing something. So far, looks like green salad, lamb, carrots, green beans & someone is making an unknown desert. I've been assigned appetizers.
The obvious choice is deviled eggs, but I never have good luck with these & also all of a sudden, my husband is off eggs, even duck eggs!!! So, any thoughts? Has to be something not too complicated as I am traveling until early evening on Saturday. Thanks for suggestions.

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  1. Asparagus spears (either blanched or roasted), wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto, with a dijon dipping sauce, would be easy and seasonal. I would suggest mini-quiches, but if your husband is anti-egg, that might not go over so well.

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      I was going to suggest asparagus in prosciutto! I think that would be lovely.

      Blending smoked salmon with cream cream, sour cream, chives, and black pepper in a food processor makes a lovely spread that you can put on endive spears, cracker, toast points, or what have you. It feels very luxurious. It would be nice to do a rye toast point, with the salmon cream cheese topped with some green peas for color and sweetness.

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        I roasted asparagus & proscuitto one time. Drizzled some truffle oil over the finished product. Added another dimension that was awesome!!

    2. Shrimp with cocktail dipping sauce is easy, and festive.

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        That is what I am serving along with dishes of assorted olives and my SIL is bringing Deviled eggs.

        I love Ina Gartens roasted shrimp cockail recipe so that's the version I am making but I am making my own zippy cocktail sauce.

      2. Goat cheese puffs, spinach dip, or smoked salmon on toast.

        1. Can you cheat and buy Spanakopitas at Costco or Trader Joe's?
          Or make ahead and freeze your own?

          Sounds like a nice Mediterranean menu in the making.

          1. We must be on the same wavelength. I was thinking about a salmon or roasted shrimp cocktail. I also love the Ina Garten roasted shrimp recipe.
            How do you make your sauce? I usually just use catsup, a lot of horseradish & lemon.
            I also like the idea of roasted asparagus & prosciutto.
            Thanks for the suggestions.

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              Great minds! I make mine with catsup, lots of prepared horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and a generous amount of hot sauce. With the roasted shrimp I like to use siracha in place of regular hit sauce like Tabasco.