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Mar 28, 2013 05:37 PM

Rebel House Open for Easter Sunday Brunch

The Rebel House is open Easter Sunday for brunch from 11am-3pm (Saturday too). You can find more information here:

Karen and I made our reservations this afternoon. The menu looks great (see attached) with selections like Pork Belly Benedict and Fried Chicken with Cheddar-Jalapeño biscuits. Not sure what to order but the Banana Brulee French Toast with pickled blueberries sounds good at the moment.

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  1. Make sure to report back! I don't feel like fighting an Easter brunch crowd or I'd be all over that benedict!

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    1. re: OysterHo

      So I’m a little late but here’s our report from Sunday Brunch. In fairness, Karen and I really enjoy this place so this is definitely not an unbiased review. That said things got off to a rocky start as there was no popcorn with brunch. I’m conditioned to chowing down on their popcorn while figuring out what to order for dinner so I wasn’t sure I could navigate the brunch menu without that salty sweet treat.

      Once I got over that, we decided to start with the Berkshire Pork & Green Chive Dumplings and the Local Heirloom Tomatoes in an effort to eat something healthy. The dumplings were very tasty with the sweet soy and Madeira sauce. Four dumplings were just enough for the two of us. The tomatoes were wedges of an heirloom yellow tomato with a homemade peppercorn ranch drizzle and charred onions. The dish was sprinkled with flash fried kale, candied bacon, and blue cheese. This dish was light and fresh and well balanced.

      From the moment we saw the menu on line, Karen and I pretty much zeroed in on what we wanted for the main event. Karen loves a good Eggs Benedict so she had the Rebel House version with pork belly on a very good biscuit with a spicy but not too hot chipotle hollandaise sauce and more of the kale (this time braised with bacon). The eggs were poached just right and she thought this was an excellent Benedict.

      While I usually stay away from too much sweet stuff, the Banana Brulee French Toast sounded too good to turn down. The bananas are sliced the long way and sprinkled lightly with brown sugar before grilling. The maple syrup was good but I didn’t get any sense of the aging in a bourbon barrel. What I really enjoyed were the pickled blueberries. Very unusual but not sour. They went well with the French toast and bananas. While this dish as a whole wasn’t nearly as sweet as I expected, I highly recommend ordering the side of Low & Slow Pork Belly. The salty, fatty pork cuts the sweet of the bananas very nicely and it’s a good excuse to indulge in more pig.

      As I understand it, the Rebel House will be open for brunch 11am to 3pm on Sundays from now on and will open for brunch on Saturdays beginning April 13th.

      1. re: RickL

        Oh my, that sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try their brunches!

    2. I'll be there at 11:15 and I believe this will be on my plate shortly thereafter...

      Banana Brulee French Toast, Pickled Blueberries, Bourbon-Barrel Aged Maple Syrup w Low & Slow Pork Belly

      Or maybe Pork Belly Benedict...

      or perhaps Shrimp & Grits, add side of Low & Slow Pork Belly...

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