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Mar 28, 2013 05:19 PM

For our Anniversary Dinner: Clancy's or Atchafalaya?

We will be in NOLA in mid-April to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Everyone I talk to has a different "you have to go" restaurant. I have narrowed it down to Clancy's and Atchafalaya.


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  1. Clancy's for the real NOLA experience. Atchafalaya for brunch..


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    1. re: don515

      They are both real N.O. experiences, but Clancy's for an anniversary, Atchafalaya for a great informal brunch.

    2. We had the dinner at Clancy's for the anniversary. Food was very good but we were a bit uncomfortable with the vibe. The waiters were all older white men and the bussers all younger black men. In a city with such racial diversity, we were surprised that all the diners were white and mostly 40s and up.
      We are older white folks ourselves but used to more diversity both at home (Sand Francisco) and in NOLA.
      Had great before and after drinks at Monkey Hill Bar just a few blocks away.

      1. if you haven't already decided, Clancy's DEFINITELY. Their fried oysters on melted brie will send the romance vibe of your anniversary into overdrive. Rest of the food is pretty phenomenal too.