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Mar 28, 2013 04:07 PM

What's for Dinner #204 - 700 Plus Posts and It's Still Not Easter [OLD]

"Mosquitoes remind us that we are not as high up on the food chain as we think"

Easter weekend and April Fools just ahead. Sunny days and warming temps, I can almost smell the grill smoke and charcoal.

What are you cooking for dinner?

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  1. Came home from work and wife had about 25 pounds of ribs cut and getting ready for the marinade (Guess she is trying to suggest it's time for the grill).

    She had some LA cut at the market, and hand cut the rest in a traditional "head and tail" cut. Got a couple quick pics before she chased me out of the kitchen.

    While waiting for the ribs to marinate, looks like we will be eating Kalbi jjim- Korean style braised short ribs.

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      After almost two hours of the aroma from the braising ribs sending me into salivary overdrive, the braise was ready.

      Served with (of course) rice, red leaf lettuce, a dollop of ssamjang, and chased by fresh strawberries and a nice after dinner coffee.

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        Your ribs look and sound sensational hannaone. I've never had the pleasure of experiencing Kalbi jjim before so I Googled for recipes. I thought the Asian pear was an interesting addition to the marinade and noticed another recipe that also included kiwi. Did you put fruit in your marinade?

        1. re: Breadcrumbs

          We use Bae (Hwangkeum), the Korean version of Asian pear when it's available. It's a larger variety of the Asian pear with a slightly sweeter flavor.
          When the Korean pear is not available we will use either the standard grocery store Asian pear, semi sweet apple, or maybe plum tea concentrate.
          Neither my wife nor I like kiwi with meat, so never use it, but a lot of other people swear by it.

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            Here is a pic of the Nashi pear, which is very similar to the Korean pear:


            and a pic of what's in my local market

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              Thanks hannaone, I appreciate the info in the link as well. This sounds like a delicious dish and I can only imagine how many layers of flavour there must be after the braising. Thanks for the inspiration!

      2. It has been a bit chilly here this week so tonight is a nice warm bowl of stew. I have the beef simmering away getting all tender. Red potatoes, baby carrots, celery, turnips, pearl onions and straw mushrooms. I forgot to stop and get some french bread for mopping so I am making corn bread. A nice green salad to have some contrast in texture. And a red wine vinigarette I think.

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          Stew and cornbread sounds really good, haven't had that combo in a long time.

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            Its not quite mop worthy, but crumbled in the juices it's great.

        2. Little jars of oysters were on sale, and the boy, who doesn't like oysters, isn't home, so I'm having oysters parmesan with salad and a toasted english muffin. (Looking in fridge, guess it'll be oysters romano.) Will use the rest for an oyster po'boy tomorrow.

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            Okay, dinner was so delish last night that I'm going to forgo the po'boy and have oysters romano again!

          2. Kinda of a hybrid dinner tonight...still Passover here, Mrs Phreddy observing Holy Thursday and Good Friday...
            So tonight....Baked stuffed sole for us...mine with 3 cheeses and Matzoah meal...hers with breadcrumbs, cheeses and shrimp...All baked in the oven....for me roasted veggies, her's; Tagiatele with garlic and EVOO...on the side Greek yougurt , minced garlic, s&p and fresh dill & mint....
            To start....Vegetable stock, onion, leek, mushrooms and some steamed potatoes which were whipped in for some body...not too shabby..

            1. Forgot; I got home early today and decided to cook for Good Friday....A vegetable Lasagne with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, Ricotta, mozarella, Parmagiano Regiano,Vadallia onions....with a Bechemel over the top; then into the oven @ 350 for 1 hour...all cooked ...probably enough for 10 is
              cooling in the fridge right now for tomorrow night's dinner with a green salad....
              Pictures tomorrow when served..
              BTW.....similar to Gingershelly's eggplant/veggie/bechemelly/loaf....
              For the Passover boy...I did a seperate pan with Matzoh instead of Lasagne noodles and all of the same ingredients.......
              I am sure the regular Lasagne is kick ass...but this is my first attempt at Matzoh will be either kick ass or kick MY ass!!!
              Keep your ears open!!

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              1. re: PHREDDY

                Since tomorrow is Good Friday need to plan ahead for my last meatless Friday tomorrow...probably a tomato-onion omelet for breakfast, TJ's Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil over crostini for lunch, and linguini with marinara and garlic bread for dinner.

                1. re: littleflower

                  Sounds like a winner...who needs meat?

                2. re: PHREDDY

                  I make matzo lasagne most years. Just a great way to use up that last box of matzo. I like it. It's easy and I just the matzo as if it was no boil lasagne noodles

                  The matzo gets real noodle like after soaking up the sauce while baking

                  1. re: scubadoo97

                    Scuubs...I made it for Friday with vege lasagna for the Mrs...she said it was great....for me the Matzo vege was just was ok...I did not use the fried eggplant that I normally incorporate ...perhaps that's why..

                    1. re: PHREDDY

                      Now fried eggplant would take it up a notch. Will have to try it tomorrow. All the stores are closed today

                      1. re: scubadoo97

                        Lightly fried....dredge in flour, after you have peeled and drained with a little salt...quick fry in peanut or canola oil...I undercook them, or they turn to mush when you bake it...