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Mar 30, 2000 10:26 AM

Healthy and GOOD eating in Fredericksberg

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One of the very best places to get excellent, home made, fresh food is at Eve's Kitchen in Fredericksberg, TX. Friday nights are now "jam nights" for musicians. Great music, and excellent food in a little known place. NOT the usual tourist junk. SMcC.

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  1. sounds good...wish I'd known about it (woulda brought my trombone!) when I was driving through. I was such a tourist...stopped for beef jerky and that's about it!


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      It's not so healthy, but the chewy, ultrasmoky brisket at Ken Hall's out on the highway in Fredericksburg is not to be denied. Serious barbecue with a capital B. And its within striking distance of Harry's on the Loop in Willow City, which has the best barbecue beans in existence, liberally laced with chunks of brisket and jalapeno peppers.