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Mar 28, 2013 03:52 PM

Are candlenuts available in Toronto?

Subject line says it all.

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      1. re: knusprig

        I've been looking in the Markham / Scarborough area and haven't seen them in any of the oriental groceries there, guess I'll try downtown next time I'm there

        1. re: jo_jo_ba

          JJB - you're absolutely correct.
          If I ever saw them (once in a bluemoon) at asian supermarket in the burb area - they are from Indonesia supplied by Oey Trading. Therefore, I go straight to the importer (they have small retail store)

          There is little demand of candlenuts. It's only used for certain dishes and if you omit it your recipe still turn out alright. There's no other use of these nuts in baking or as snacks.

          1. re: jo_jo_ba

            I've bought them a few times from foodymart and T&T

        2. Any asian supermarket, or grocery store in Chinatown has them.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. Had dim sum at Casa Imperial this morning and headed across the street (kinda) to T&T at Warden & Steeles. They had them there (supplied by Oey).

            So my laksa paste is that much closer to completion.