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Mar 28, 2013 02:56 PM

Old East York food crawl (east of Pape)

Which spots would you include?

I'm thinking Rally (1660 O'Connor), Danforth Pizza House (920 Danforth), Fuzz Box (1246 Danforth), Pizze Pide (949 Gerrard E).

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Not exactly my hood...but a few places I'd have on my list:

    1) Dukem
    2) Morgan' the wings (but I was drunk so take with a grain of salt)
    3) Mix some dim sum in there at Har Gow (decent quality)
    4) Does beer count as food? Right next to Har Gow is The Only

    Pizza Pide is on Pape, but the West side of the street. If we're being technical about border demarcations.

    1. fwiw, mr. pide over pizza pide, imho

      1. While you are at Rally you should head across the street to Sultan of Samosas. I hear good things about Simba Grill on Donlands, but haven't been myself. If you are looking for wings try The Wally at the corner of Donlands and O'Connor, kind of divey but really good wings.

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        1. re: cheesymama

          I went to Simba Grill last year. We ordered one of the large mixed platters where it contains samplings of most of the menu. Unfortunately, most of the menu is deep-fried lol.

          I've never had wings at The Wally, but I will have to try them out.

          1. re: pakmode

            Wings are half price with an alcoholic bev on Tues and Thurs.

          2. re: cheesymama

            Had 3 kinds of Samosas from the Sultan on Easter and they were the hit of the afternoon.

            1. re: Herne

              Sultan of Samosas is an absolute MUST!!

            2. re: cheesymama

              I also have to toss in a recommendation for Sultan of Samosas. They have a great selection and since they are busy, there is really good turnover of the samosas so nothing is sitting out long. The pakoras are also really nice.

              1. re: Ubervache

                I bet prima has already tried the Sultan but I agree it is a good addition to a food crawl. But prima, in the odd event you *haven't* been there, since I believe you share my love of spinach pastries of all kinds, they make a spinach samosa and it is divine :)

                1. re: julesrules

                  You are right about that spinach samosa. Impossible to stop at one or even three. I know from experience!!!

              2. re: cheesymama

                Sultan is good, but strictly take out.

              3. Leaside was in East York so I'd include Olde York Fish and Chips.

                1. I would feel comfortable adding the original Bamiyan Kabob restaurant to your list. It's on Overlea/Thornecliffe, so definitely in East York.