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Mar 28, 2013 02:38 PM

San Francisco/Napa with Baby

Me, my wife and our 10 month old are coming to San Francisco from NYC next month. I'm looking for some good recommendations for places to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner both in San Francisco (although not set yet, I think we're going to stay near AT&T Park - is that a bad idea?) where it won't be obnoxious to have a baby.

For point of reference, we take her just about everywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn (where we live), and we've taken her everywhere from neighborhood places, to the fancier restaurants in Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights (if you know them, Colonie, La Vara, Prime Meats), to somewhat fancy places in Manhattan (Maialino and The Modern Bar Room, etc.).

Also, we really don't mind doing the 5:30 early bird special so we don't annoy people around us.

Was thinking - just from things i've seen on here and elsewhere - about wandering around the mission district and grabbing some tasty burritos, perhaps finding some delicious chinese food in chinatown (if you know NYC/Brooklyn chinatowns, we really like 456 in Manhattan and Pacificana in Brooklyn, as well as Mission Chinese Food) and trying to get lunch/dinner at zuni cafe or state bird provisions. i'm really coming in blind, and i apologize for that.

And, any suggestions in St. Helena would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance -

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  1. We live in SF and have 1 year old twins. For the most part, the restaurants by the ballpark/SoMa tend to be fairly family/stroller friendly (largely due to the fact that the restaurants tend to be a bit bigger in that area); the Mission and the Divis Corridor, not so much.

    State Bird is very small and you would have to do a walk-in and probably wait 2-3 hours (reservations are booked fully as of right now 2 months in advance).

    Places we frequent w/ our kids is Nopalito (in the Inner Sunset, not the Divis one), Nopa (weekdays, early is the best with kids), Delfina Pizza (Pac Heights), Zazies (for brunch), Lers Ros Thai.

    For the most part, if we stick to the early bird timings we've never really had any issues. Patrons at some of the more "hipster" restaurants in the Mission have given us the stink eye every once in awhile if the babies were acting up, but nothing too egregious.

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      Agreed. Go early before the restaurant is hectic. I would not try for state bird provisions its tiny, with long waits and rather chaotic.

      I'd also suggest Cotogna which is open all through the afternoon.

      1. re: goldangl95

        thanks. can you guys point me in the direction of good burritos or anything else i can't really get back in new york? also, is there a place for dim sum that everyone likes? we love doing that on sunday mornings.

        and, what do you think of bar tartine? i've read great things. is it too much to bring a baby there at 5/5:30 during the week?

        1. re: jon

          I think Bar Tartine early would be fine with a baby. Plus, I'm a big fan of the food there, both at lunch and dinner.
          I also think Zuni for lunch or an early dinner would be a very good idea. Sitting outside for lunch there is a wonderful SF experience.
          My daughter is older now, but we had good luck at Nopa when she was younger. Plus, it is one of my favorite places in SF. I'd also look at Cotogna, where I have seen lots of kids early in the evening.
          Good burritos and dim sum are things that people can argue about forever.
          Personally, I'd steer you to Yank Sing for dim sum (lots of families, convenient to downtown).
          For burritos: I go to Cancun the most, because it is closest to my home. I also like La Taqueria, La Palma and La Espiga de Oro.

          1. re: absc

            I agree with absc's recs above. I'd add Little Chihuahua too. More fresh mex, but family friendly.

            Yank Sing is good western styled dim sum. Many of the dim sum places in the Outer Richmond and Outer Sunset are family friendly because the restaurants are larger and in more residential parts of the city.

            1. re: absc

              I agree with the Yank Sing at 101 Spear (they have more than one location). They are well organized and there's ready made/to go items available next door to the dining room. So if the family is getting bored of waiting, there's at least stuff to snack on.

      2. Another vote for Cotogna & Yank Sing.

        Additional recs...Zero Zero. Ferry Bldg for bkfst/lunch.

        1. just a follow-up:

          in san francisco, we're staying at the Hotel Vitale, which I understand is across the street from the Ferry Building. other than checking out the Ferry Building, can anyone recommend some tasty eats in that area?

          we'll probably be exhausted tomorrow night, so something in the vicinity would be great.

          on sunday, we have a reservation for dinner at bar tartine. good idea?

          also, would love it if someone could weigh in on Goose and Gander in St. Helena and FARM at the Carneros Inn. We have reservations there on Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm just wondering if either or both are worth checking out.

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            Oops, just realized you posted this a few days ago. Hope you enjoyed Bar Tartine -- love the Hungarian inspired food there.