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Mar 28, 2013 02:21 PM


The six week trial period for McCamembert and the other Les Grandes Envies de Fromages at McDonald's has come to a close.

But NPR tells you how to make one at home.

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  1. If the US cheese was as thick, I would go back to ordering a cheeseburger.

    1. pretty funny -- they were wildly popular in my area -- the chevre and raclette versions sold out completely rather quickly.

      I don't think anybody on the planet is actually far enough off their rocker to actually thing that this was going to be artisanal cheese. It's still McDonald's, after all.

      I was short on time and managed to get one that had just come off the grill -- chewy, sourdough-baguette type bun, with a surprisingly meaty-tasting burger, and a very fresh lettuce leaf, with the Camembert oozing across the burger.

      Damned fine sandwich, actually. And I'm an avid non-McDonald's girl (other than that stupid Filet o'Fish), so it's pretty high praise coming from me.

      The cheese producers might have been bitching, but the folks in the restaurant were happily snarfing down the burgers.