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Mar 28, 2013 01:42 PM

Ice Cream Chat 2013

Perfect day for ice cream! Heres a place for our hits and misses.

Today went to Kem Coba which was busy but alas no ice cream til end of April. They have some very original chocolate animals for Easter and also fish creations for April 1! There are pieces of different colours on tray to sample . Photos on their FB
So in quest of ice cream went to Bilboquet in Outremont for the seasonal flavour tire d`erable and although the taffy sort of settled in clumps in bottom it was good way to celebrate spring!

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  1. Point G has started offering their soft serve ice-cream. It kind of does the job while I'm waiting for Kem CoBa to resume serving it.

    For now, they have vanilla and strawberry flavours. I had a mixed cup. I found the vanilla to be very tasty and creamy, but the strawberry was not great (their raspberry, which I tried last year, was much better).

    Again, this is not as good as Kem CoBa, but does the job a lot better than other more hyped places in town.

    1. What are the best maple ice creams at this moment? I have a craving... I know about Le Havre des Glaces at Marché Jean-Talon and Bilboquet, but are there others?

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        Have you tried Les Givrés (3807 St-Denis)?

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          +1 from Les Givrés mailing list:

          Prochaine soirée: Desserts de cabane à sucre

          Une série de desserts sucrés uniquement avec de l’érable accompagnée d’un breuvage chaud (allongé, café au lait ou thé).

          Jeudi, le 11 avril prochain à 20 h.
          15$ + taxes
          Réservation obligatoire

          1. re: Shattered

            thanks for info, sorry cant go then, here are some yummy photos

        2. Ahh, a summer 2013 ice-cream thread. I hope to be very active in here as I am still searching for the 'ultimate' ice-cream, although I have found some very good ones over the past couple of years. If anyone has any new recs for creamy/high fat ice-creams made simply (minimal ingredients), please post!

          1. Les Givrés on St-Denis and Roy, hands down.

            1. i love havre aux glaces the most because it isn't as rich or creamy as the others, ie les givres. My favorite flavoured combo is chai and salted caramel, yum!