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Mar 28, 2013 12:56 PM

Are pomegranates available anywhere?

A dish has been requested for Easter that requires pomegranate. I've been on the look out for one, but I fear they just aren't available anymore. Does anyone have a secret pomegranate source to share? Thank you!

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  1. 99.99% sure i saw a container of seeds on the shelf at whole foods this week.

    1. Trader Joe's usually has fresh pomegranate seeds in the produce section but call ahead. Last weekend the 3rd Ave one didn't, but the 6th Ave one did. I bought a whole container, then laid them flat into one thin layer, and then froze the extra seeds.

      The Whole Foods at Union Square does NOT have pomegranate seeds. I called the info desk, they checked for me, they said they didn't know, they transferred me, someone checked, and then when I got there, they did not have any, and the produce stocker told that they have never carried them.

      Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market will probably have fresh whole pomegranate. I also saw them last week at a random deli in the West Village on Bleecker & Morton.

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        If you're the deli you're referring to is Bleecker Farm, they ALWAYS seem to have them, for future reference. (Not sure why, but I've definitely satisfied many a random pomegranate craving there.)

        1. Thank you all! I called TJ's Chelsea and they were very helpful... said they have the whole fruit, the seeds and chocolate covered seeds. Might need to try that latter delight! Thanks for the tip about freezing them, too, Kathryn. Y'all rock!