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Mar 28, 2013 12:45 PM

Cardoons in LA?

Yesterday I was in San Feancisco shopping for dinner with my son. We were SoMa in a neighborhood market. They had beautiful, very fresh cardoons for $3 a pound. I was shocked to see them. My son says that Safeway has them. This was not LA.

They were delicious. Does anyone know a market in LA, preferably the Westside, that has cardoons?

What shocked me was the depth of the vegetable and cheese departments in a neighborhood market in a very middle class area.

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  1. According to LA Weekly's food blog, cardoons are available at the Hollywood Farmers Market:

    1. Thanks. Sunday morning doesn't work for me.

      My shock was the number of things available at a neighborhood market or a Safeway that are basically unavailable in Los Angeles.

      1. Whole Foods has them and probably any farmers market worth their salt will have plenty as they are in season now.