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Mar 28, 2013 12:26 PM

Steak for dinner YYC

I know I have asked this before, but there might be something new.

Here is the deal, Mom's bday is coming up, she only wants one thing ever. Filet mignon and a cesar salad to start. Her favourite place is The Keg, but we keep trying new places for steak to see if she can find anywhere else she likes.

Must be wheelchair friendly. Open on Sunday. Reservable. Okay for a 5 year old, very well behaved child. Location irrelevant, although parking with wheelchair van important. Price no concern

Places we have tried:
Redwater Grille

Maybe step it up a notch? Vintage? Ruth's Chris??

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  1. The best restaurant steak I've ever had was at Chophouse but have also had nice ones at Vintage, though not specifically the filet mignon. I didn't care for Ruth's Chris. I found the food to be on the bland side. Thought it was very overpriced.

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      Was looking to reserve at Vintage but they don't allow minors and Chophouse is not open Sundays. :(

      I guess the only option is Saltlik or Caesar's. I am a bit concerned about the parking for Saltlik. Being right on Stephen Ave, the wheelchair friendliness may be an issue. Is it attached to a hotel or parkade?

      My Mom lives in the south so heading back that way may be a good thing.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        If you've never been to Caesar's, I highly recommend you check it out. Extremely old school. Your mother will love it.

        Parking is an issue at Saltlik, usually. You may be able to get a spot on Centre Street or 9th Avenue, but it's a bit of a hike if you don't. The nearest parkade is Palliser, behind the Calgary Tower. Might as well go to Ruth's Chris if you have to park there.

        1. re: Leibowitz

          With regards to parking:
          You are allowed to park on Stephen Avenue (8th Ave) after 6PM (assuming they get the little gates open on time)
          You can pay to park under the Telus Convention Centre which is 1 block away from Saltlik.

          No one has mentioned The Cattle Baron (2 locations - 32nd & Barlow and Sundance(?)) - similar in style to Keg and Smugglers.

          And the Reef 'N Beef - 36 St & 20 Ave NE.
          Yes the d├ęcor is dated but the food is good and the prices are reasonable

    2. Vintage or Chicago Chophouse would be my recs

      1. Your Mom sounds like my Mom!! But the Keg?! Poor you...

        I've also taken my Mom for steaks to:

        Buchanan's - steaks were done nicely. They did have Caesar salad but it was 'wasabi', which my mom thought was weird. They may be able to accommodate a 'normal' caesar. They take reservations and seems to be kid friendly.

        Boccovino - More of a casual Italian restaurant, sort of like a sports pub. I don't think they take reservations but I've never had an issue getting in. The steaks have always been done perfectly and Caesar salad is great. But... I believe they only serve NY cut, not filets. I'm not sure.

        I have been to Vintage a few times. My steaks have some times not been cooked to my liking; some times great. The place seems very stuffy to me, not fun at all. I don't recall seeing any children there. If you do go, don't go crazy on the sides - you can easily end up with way too much food.

        Good luck!

        1. On a Sunday I'd go downtown to Saltlik. Suits won't be around to complain about a kid and the staff are quite family friendly.

          Steaks are great and the rest of the menu isn't rocket science but definitely solid.

          1. Caesar's! Enjoy returning to the 70's and they know how to cook a great steak.