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Mar 28, 2013 12:04 PM

Kitchen Supply Stores in O.C.

I am new to the area and I am looking for some good Kitchen Supply stores in the O.C. area. Can anyone recommend some?

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  1. I am also new to the area and have run across Surfas in the OC Mart in Costa Mesa. It is well stocked and the prices seem ok. There is also another store on the other side of the 405. Not sure of the name. You can see it from the freeway not sure if it is considered Fountain Valley or Costa Mesa. I haven't been in so can't speak to pricing or anything.

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    1. re: baseballfan

      it's a restaurant depot off the 405 around Harbor/Euclid.

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        Is it any good? I've been meaning to stop in and check it out.

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          I think Restaurant Depot is 'trade only' and not open to the public.

        2. re: baseballfan

          There is chefs toys in fountain valley in same vicinity of restaurant depot.

        3. I used to live near a great restaurant supply store in Anaheim that was open to the public. It was on Anaheim Blvd. north of Ball road. This was a couple of years ago and unfortunately I don't remember the name, nor do I know if they're still open. But if you're in the Disneyland-ish area it's worth checking out!

          1. We have a Surfas in Costa Mesa.

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              What?! How did I miss this?? Does it have the same selection as Culver City?

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                Store seems at least as well stocked as the Culver City store, maybe better. Added bonus for me is the Portola Coffee Lab located in the building across the parking lot.

            2. 2000 Plus is another great opion in the neighborhood around the 405 @ Euclid.
              11065 Condor Ave
              Fountain Valley, CA 92708

              Chef's Toy's is the go-to place to sharpen knives.

              Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. You can get a free membership if you have a business license of any kind, or if you work for a charitable organization.

              Surfas is great too, but pricier for many things you can also get at 2000 Plus and Chefs Toys.

              1. Thanks for all the help. I have some time this week, I'll check these out. You guys are lifesavers.