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Mar 28, 2013 12:02 PM

Highland Kitchen Brunch

Anyone been lately? What are the hits and what are the to be missed? I'm thinking of ordering beignets for the table as well as bisquits and gravy, so everyone can have a bite without going into a food coma.

Any favorites? Egg dishes as well as sandwiches and burgers. . . .


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  1. their andouille hushpuppies are perfection.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      really? perhaps I'll order them for the table too. Like clamcakes, I haven't had many wow hushpuppies, but when they're good. . . I'll report back!

      1. re: Bellachefa

        Make sure and get that butter in them as soon as they arrive (we had to order more butter; they're prob used to northerners eating them). I don't subscribe to 'eating crackers on mayo' but i do like alot of butter on my hushpuppies :-}

    2. All the food is excellent, but the black bean burger is great, and for my money those are the best pancakes in the city.

      1. I often get the mushroom/goat cheese omelet. There's nothing particularly special about it but it's always tasty, always well-seasoned and I've never been sorry I ordered it.

        I'm another fan of their black bean veggie burger--a big, messy affair with salsa and guacamole on a buttered toasted bun. I usually have to end up eating it with a fork.

        1. Is the trout hash still on the menu? Get that.

          1. I'm a fan of both the Blackened Catfish Po'boy and the black bean burger.