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Mar 28, 2013 11:12 AM

I've got Rome and Florence done, now for Venice - our last night

We'll be ending our 10 day trip (apr 12-22) with 2 nights in venice. The first day we arrive at noon and we will eat our big meal at lunch (haven't decided where yet) and have something small at dinner. But the second night in Venice will be our last in Italy. I would love to end it with a nice here's the question... Of five of us, 3 really enjoy fish/seafood and 2 of us don't eat any of it. Any ideas of somewhere midrange (maybe €50€/pp not including wine, max) that has very good seafood AND non-seafood? The non-seafood eaters will eat almost anything else. I've been searching but of course keep finding seafood focused places - understandable! Somewhere fairly casual too, no jeans and sneakers of course, but we won't have any evening clothes (khaki pants and polo shirts at best perhaps...)
We're staying near Ca' D'oro but will go anywhere. Help?

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  1. Oh - I should specify it is (of course!) a Sunday night :(

    Yes I am totally over thinking this so please bear with me - but to call for reservations anywhere, what is the best time of day? I would hate to call during dinner service if they're too busy but not sure if anyone would answer the phone between 3-7 pm. Trying to figure out when to call from the US with the time change.

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      PBSF's suggestion of Vini da Gigio is an excellent one, and you can book online -

      If the weather is good do your pre-dinner cocktails outside somewhere before dinner...

      (edited to add - Vini da Gigio has disabled their online booking - color me shocked! However you can do it by fax if you want to get it done before you go...)

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        No longer, Shannon. "Due to the unrespected bookings, the restaurant has to delete the booking module. Bookings are allowed only via telephone or Fax." Too bad that a few rude people have to ruin it for the rest of us!

    2. A "nice" trattoria open Sunday night with a good selection of seafood and meat/fowl choices, under 50 euros pp before wine: I would choose the traditional Vini da Gigio.
      By April 20th or so when there might be a chance to sit outside(we always hope and pray), then I might go to L'Orto dei Mori or the less expensive da Rioba. Both have outside tables by a large canal. Or maybe Al Covo. The last three serve traditional Venetian food with a little creativity mix in.

      1. For something upscale but still casual and I think within your budget, I vote for Al Covo. You can reserve by email if that is easiest for you, and in English. My other choice if you want to spend less and have a huge variety of choices, is Alla Madonna. I don't think they even take reservations but there is never a long wait. It's busy and bustling and the food is simple but very tasty.