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Mar 28, 2013 09:07 AM

Tracking cheese overstocks

At this rate, I'd better start a cheese buying piggy bank!

Seriously though, a fun bit of internet sleuthing uncovers an easy money saving method of buying fresh cheese- get on an overstock e-list. One quick example: Dozens exist.

...gotta get a bigger bank!

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  1. Thanks, I asked to be put on the list.

    1. what r some of the other overstock e-lists?

      1. jpr, here's a quick example.

        The capri chocolate log I was raving about yesterday on another thread, made by Westfield Farm,
        is on sale right now @ igourmet for $3.50/each.

        And you can see the current specials on the same page.

        What I'm referring to as overstocks can be listed as an overstock, a sales item, a Manager's special depending on how you are buying the cheese (local, direct online, third party seller).

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        1. re: HillJ

          Interesting, I just revisted this sales page for the chocolate goat cheese by Westfield Farm on which was on sale earlier today for $3.99 and has now been removed from the sales page and repriced back into inventory at $6.99...

          better keep these sales prices to ourselves :)