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White Stilton with Mango and Ginger & the tasty bits found in cheese

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On a mini quest for finding the tasty bits added to many standard cheeses.

Any other recommendations you've come across? I'm particularly interested in sourcing cheese that has been infused or studded with fresh ginger, fruit bits and some truly unusual combinations.


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  1. I'm something of a purist when it comes to cheese.
    I am partial though to gouda with cumin seeds and had a good cheddar with caramelized onions the other day.

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      So not entirely a purist! Both of those sound terrific. If you had to recommend one of the other, which direction would you point me?

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        I'd have to recommend the cheddar and caramelized onions.
        Much as I like gouda and cumin seeds (my flatmate and me managed to get through a 2 kilo block in less than a fortnight) the gouda is never aged.
        You should be able to get caramelized onion cheddars which are better quality than the gouda.I also love the contrast between mouth puckering sharp cheddars and the sweet onions.

        1. re: Paprikaboy

          Thanks, adding to my shopping list.

    2. This won't help you - but there used to be a local goat cheese maker in Charleston that did fresh chevre with crystallized ginger - it was the best stuff ever! Sadly they closed up shop a couple years ago, but if you ever come across anything like it, give it a try!

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        I believe I read about Charleston in my travels...still on a quest...otherwise I churn my own :)

      2. I just tried a Gouda with garlic and basil last night. It was enjoyable for a change of pace, but the combination of salt and garlic overwhelmed the basil, IMO.

        I saw a mango and ginger in Stilton cheese when shopping...passed it by but I may have to give it a try. I also picked up a Gouda soaked in Syrah. Haven't tried that one yet but I tend to enjoy cheeses that have been soaked in wine (who wouldn't?!?).

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          Gouda soaked in Syrah.

          I haven't tried a wine soaked cheese yet. Let us know when you do!

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            I will. I am on a cheese spree this weekend. It is one of my favorite comfort foods...I am a little stressed...mom in the hospital and the docs can't figure out what is wrong with her so I am indulging myself. Good cheese is one thing I can eat no matter how stressed I am! :-)

        2. I'm also a big fan of tainted and befouled cheeses. Stilton with fruit (mango and ginger as you mentioned, also apricot , blueberry, lemon peel) and the Wensleydale with cranberries, brie with mushrooms, jalapeno jack, Cotswold, the various truffled Italian cheeses.
          I believe these are considered shitty lowbrow cheeses? I love all those I've mentioned however.

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            really, shitty lowbrow..ugh, thank god I didn't know that, huh...and you can bet I'm going to ignore that part delightfully, ha! there's no room for such tomfoolery (is that the word) in my cheese cave!

            1. I've tried the Stilton with Mango&Ginger a couple of times, and while I enjoyed it as a dessert cheese, I wondered if the "white" stilton (quite bland by itself) was the same cheese used for the "blue-green" variety without the infusion of penicillin?

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                Stilton is sort of in the same category as wensleydale, cheshire, and other "crumbly" english proto-cheddars. Depending on how and where they age, blue molds can grow in any of the cheeses. The fancy-schmancy (wonderful) blue stilton is just the best known of the bunch.

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                  Forgot to say that my favorite cheese store has several varieties of Stilton. Besides the veined and Mango/Ginger types, they have stilton with Apricots, Blueberry or Cranberry as well. I have not been tempted to try them.

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                    You don't like the flavored Stilton? I carry stawberry and apple pear too!

                2. I freakin love this cheese I picked up at Coscto. Wensleydale with vanilla bean and apricots.

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                    wow...now that would be in my shopping cart if the Costco in my area carried it! So interesting!

                  2. Just to set everyone's' minds at ease: Cheese with "stuff" is among the fastest growing segments of the industry. For those that can, go out and try the Sartori BellaVitano line and just about everything from BeeHive Cheese company- both masters of the flavored rind!

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                      I tried some Bellavitano Merlot which the store was pushing as a cross between Parmesan and Cheddar. It tasted ok, but I didn't think it was anything like either one.

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                        Tried the stilton with mango. Horrible. I have yet to find a cheese with additions that compares at all to the plain version of the same cheese. Yet I find adding things to some cheeses at home makes for great spreads (tapenade and a bit of olive oil added to a good plain goat cheese, or marinated sundried tomatoes and basil blended into goat for example).

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                          Speaking of Bellavitano...Sartori came out with a new cow's milk with a peppermint rind (for this holiday). I think its horrid. It tastes like a young American Parmesan with peppermint. Look for it this holiday. I'm sure someone will buy it!

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                          Beehive Cheese Co...Pat Ford made a few cheeses exclusively for the company I work for. One was super shitty..a mozzarella type with hatch green chiles. Lacked flavor big time...you couldn't even taste the green chile. He also made one with the "stuff" in it (as you mentioned above). Its called Drunken Bee. He took his Promontory Cheddar and rubbed it with: tequila, lime zest, salt and garlic (my boss came up with this concotion) its pretty good. I still have a bit left. Last year he made one for us called Bee Cinneful. Promontory again rubbed with agave nectar and cinnamon (for the holidays). I love Beehive! My favorite is Barely Buzzed and Big John's Cajun!

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                            I love the Sartori Parmesan but I've yet to try all of their other variations which range from Balsamic to black pepper, asiago, rosemary. I'd love to hear back if anyone tries any of these.

                            1. re: fldhkybnva

                              I recently tried the Sartori Bellavitano espresso-rubbed rind. It was really interesting and tasty. The espresso flavor did penetrate, and added to the overall flavor, giving it a sort of nuttiness that complemented/enhanced the cheese --and the rind by itself was tasty. I bought some and tasted it again after a week and it was still yummy.

                              The shop I bought it in mentioned the merlot rind version and some other flavor as well, neither of which appealed to me. I am generally not a fan of cheeses that have added other "stuff" (and the idea of a peppermint rind sounds disgusting), but occasionally a good one does come along.

                          2. I found a great local cheese Vampire Slayer - cheddar with paprika, garlic and onion. It's quite tasty from Calkins Creamery.