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Jan 29, 2000 08:16 AM

Organic and/or veggie eateries in Dallas

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Where in the Dallas area (including Lewisville/Denton)can one find tasty restaurants that try to use organic foodstuffs? I am also searching for vegetarian restaurants that have some ambiance. Thanks.

Michelle K.

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  1. I don't know about Dallas, but a couple of years ago I spent a very, very long three days in San Antonio. The women in the mexican restaurants there thought I was really cute when I asked about lard in the beans ("Of course there is lard in the beans -- that's what makes them good!")

    I have a friend who reverted to meat eating when she lived in Houston because it was just too hard otherwise. I get the impression that Austin is the only place in Texas where you're likely to find much to eat.

    - VF

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      You can find just about any type of food in the world in Houston. In Austin, you cannot.

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        you have probably found places by now, but i go to the cosmic cup on oak lawn. also there is whole foods market on greenville ave (not really much ambience) and lucky's on oak lawn. texas, as a rule, is a meat-based state. everywhere. even austin.

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          I'll agree that dining variety in Austin is not as great as Houston, Dallas or San Antonio, but I disagree over your point that the Austin area lacks variety in non-US menu choices. Tell me what you haven't found and I bet I can name a place that'll take care of your cravings, unless they lean towards yak milk or camel burgers.

      2. k
        Kelly Jennings

        Go to for vegetarian restaurants in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.


        1. For the best vegetarian with ambiance, you can't beat Kalachandji's in the hare krishna temple in East Dallas. Suma Veggie in Richardson is excellent, but the decor is lacking. Spiral Diner in Fort Worth serves some amazing vegan food and there's a rumor that they are looking for a space to open a Dallas branch.

          1. Also check out Kozy Cafe in Uptown for organic choices.