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Mar 28, 2013 07:41 AM

What can I buy and bring to a potluck brunch?

I'm looking to go to a store (e.g. Whole Foods), and pickup some sort of food item (e.g. a big quiche) that can be shared at a potluck over this upcoming Easter weekend.

Any ideas? At a relative's house in Leslieville. Anywhere near there would be great, otherwise i'm completely open to hoofing it somewhere.

- non-dessert (other people got that covered)
- delicious!
- multiple portions
- preferably something 'interesting' (e.g. a quiche), not something like a sandwich platter :). Doesn't necessarily need to be brunch-specific, like maybe a giant slab of porchetta would be fun.

Thank you!

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  1. Quiches from Rahier are wonderful.

    1. Chinese food is always cheap.

      1. Not close to Leslieville, but we have enjoyed the porchetta from Vicentina. You can go in and have them chop off a slab or pre-order. Always a fan favourite.

        1. Right on Queen in Leslieville is The Canadian Pie Company. They do quiches and savoury pies which you can pre-order online.

          Other ideas in Leslieville:
          - a cheese or charcuterie platter from Leslieville Cheese Market
          - Hooked has various prepared hors d'oeurves - potted prawns, smoked trout rilettes, smoked fish, crab dip, etc. - you could call them and see if they could put together a platter
          - Leslieville Pumps will do catering orders so you could give them a call for something like pulled pork or brisket for your potluck

          1. I like to bring platters of mini arepas and/or empanadas from Arepa on Queen Street near Bathurst. You need to pre-order but they are very accommodating and everything comes on a platter with their special sauces. You can get multiple flavours and they are always well received and unique.