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Mar 28, 2013 07:15 AM

Just did the tasting at Jungsik

The food flavors were excellent, the plating was spectacular, but I left hungry. 10 courses plus 3 amuse, $155. Nice service and the atmosphere was clean but the overall experience does not compare to EMP or Bouley, the only other 2 tasting menus I have ever done.

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  1. Jungsik is great, but it does not compare to EMP (never had Bouley's TM). Nor should it be comparable to EMP, not just from a price point is EMP higher, but so is EMP's platform.

    Comparing Jungsik to EMP is like comparing a Tesla Model S to a Bentley Flying Spur. Both are great and amazing cars in their own right, but the Flying Spur is on a whole different level.

    1. I dined there earlier this month. Our server was somewhat aggressively trying to push the tasting menu on us, but my party and I opted to order half portions from each of the menu columns. We left quite full, and satisfied. I concur that the presentations and flavors were exceptional. I would love to return again. Truth be told, I enjoyed the food at Jungsik substantially over that of my one experience at EMP - a three course lunch when the grid was still in place.

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        djquinnc, my experience exactly. Gladly go back to Jungsik where we had full portions of three things each and switched plates at halftime. My experience at EMP was less than successful for lunch with the grid as well.