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Dorado Fish Tacos.. the best!

We tried Dorado's (Brookline) Fish and Shrimp tacos yesterday, and they are pretty awesome... among the best I've had in Boston!

They have two kinds of fried fish tacos, both are similar but very good. And they have a grilled fish (which was salmon yesterday, but changes), and a fried shrimp taco. These two really stood out!

We didn't try anything else on their menu, so can't say much about the other meats. Have any of you tried Dorado? Can't wait to go back there!

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  1. Mmm delicious. Their street corn is great, as is their brunch. I've had all the tacos at one point - the fried fish special is my favorite!

    The drinks are great too. I really enjoy the hibiscus.

    1. Love Dorado; just hit it this past weekend for lunch. I generally go for the Dorado taco or Enseneda and then whatever the special fish is. This weekend it was a nice piece of seared salmon, great crust on it. The veggie tacos are fine but nothing special imo and seem to pale in comparison to the fried fish tacos.

      Love the Hibiscus tea and the fact that the two of us can get two taco plates and drinks and be out for $16.

      I keep hearing the Cemitas are good but I can't pull myself away from the fish tacos.

      1. My favorite tacos. I love the steak taco, which is just the perfect amount of spicey, and the pork milanese cemitas is one of the best sandwiches in Boston, sooooooo tastey.

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          + 1 for the Pork Milanese Cemita.

          On another note, I had a pretty solid fish taco the other day at Pedro's on Bromfield Street in Downtown Crossing. They are a small chain (maybe 4-5 locations) from Southern California. There was a thread a few months back.

        2. With the caveat that I *still* have never gotten over to that place on Bromfield Street that has the San Diego pedigree, I think Dorado easily has the best fish tacos in town. Far superior to La Verdad and El Pelon.

          The cemitas are okay, but I'd rather have the tacos 9 times out of 10.

          1. The fried fish tacos - ensanada and dorado - are consistently awesome and hard to shy away from. But if you're ever in the mood to try something different, go for a grilled fish taco. They do a swordfish half the year and bluefish the other half. Usually they mix it up with a special, like one with some asian flavors: sambal, etc. I also dig the elote in the summer. Ah, this is making me hungry.

            1. my favorite Boston fish tacos were from the East Coast Grille; I think that they were cod tacos.

              i thought that the ones i tried at Dorado were ok but not exceptional.

              1. if you do a search you'll see people who agree w/ you and people who don't. I went to D a few yrs ago, just to see if their fish tacos could match those at La Verdad, but imo, La V is superior because of the 3 sauces they use- chipotle, crema and guac sauces plus cabbage and lime and sliced jalapenos. D does a very good version;i just am not a tartar sauce fan. But at least D uses good fish instead of the flavorless tilapia you usually find in fish tacos here. La V uses haddock. and that D pork torta is very good.

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                  I'm puzzled by the tartar sauce comment, since Dorado puts crema on their fish tacos, not tartar sauce.

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                    When i had them, they were topped with a chipotle tartar sauce- with chopped pickles in it. i talked with them about it to be sure. maybe they've changed them. or maybe my memory just took a hike and what actually happened was that a chipotle tartar sauce was their answer to my request for "Do you make a chipotle sour cream sauce? oh, you do. well, would you put some chipotle sauce on it plse?"

                    But either way, i don't like chipotle tartar sauce or tartar sauce of any kind for that matter. on anything. What the heck they are thinking of -using a tartar sauce on mexican tacos-is beyond me. I do remember asking the owner/chef the 'why' question and my accurate or faulty memory has him saying he wanted to make something a little different. Food doesn't have to be 'authentic' for me as long as it's delicious. but tartar sauce is not in my Like book, much less my Delicious book..
                    And La Verdad's combo of fish taco sauces: chipotle mayo/sour cream, guac sauce and crema, makes me feel like Died and Gone to Heaven.

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                      I agree with Jenny, there was no tartar sauce in the fish tacos.. and were pretty awesome

                2. I was nearby so I dropped in and tried the day's special - calamari. Nicely done with a whole big piece of grilled squid.

                  1. Thought this place was second-rate when it opened. I certainly preferred El Pelon.

                    Was in the area and gave it another shot last summer, and I agree: it's now my favorite spot for fish tacos.

                    1. Love Dorado. (Especially love their rice for some reason.) El Pelon does nothing for me -- every burrito I've eaten there has been dry, flavorless, and leaden -- like eating a large tasteless couch.

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                          General consensus is at El Pelon to only get the fish taco.

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                            Their fish tacos have a very thick breading on them as opposed to a batter. I found that it hid the fish flavor.

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                              When I've had them they have been VERY correct to the San Diego / Baja fish taco style.

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                                I'd have to agree (thick batter not breading)...and when I tried them, I found the fish was overcooked and bland (tried the dorado and ensado? versions...both of the ones based on whitefish).

                                The calamari was excellent though.

                          2. I much prefer the fish tacos at El Pelon, but also agree that the fish tacos are the only food to get at El Pelon (they also have good green tea and other drinks). I think the tacos themselves, the fish, the light batter, the sliced radishes, and the sauce are all better at El Pelon. I don't think Dorado or La Verdad are bad, but they are not as good. Olé makes terrible fish tacos. Angela's, a place I otherwise love, also makes terrible fish tacos.

                            1. What about Pedro's? They claim to have authentic Baja Fish Tacos.. anyone tried those?

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                                I have. Pretty good, not mind-bending depth of flavor, but it hits the right notes: good fry job, thin-shredded cabbage, a rough, dryish pico de gallo, creamy dressing, two soft corn tortillas. Decent for $3.50 in DTX, though my first thought when I wanted tacos downtown the other day was (the suddenly-closed) Burritos Express. See pic.


                              2. Okay in response to this thread I tried El Dorado for the second time yesterday and had the taco plate with one Dorado and one Ensenada taco.

                                Ever the curmudgeon, these taco's gave me the same impression they did when they first opened: where's the flavor? The fry job was fine, the "spicy" Ensenada sauce indistinguishable from the Dorado sauce, the pieces of fish very small. The fry job I will say was commendable, perfect even, but when the overall product is totally flavorless it's hard to get excited about the crispy shell.

                                Black beans were unfortunately a classic gringo rendition, undercooked, with no real flavor. The rice was actually quite nice and one of the few flavorful items on the plate.

                                In my book El Pelon wins this contest by a country mile...

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                                1. re: StriperGuy

                                  Are you saying the El Pelon ones have flavor? And are they a bit dried out inside?
                                  Those were my main complaints about the Dorado ones...no flavor as you found, and overcooked inside and dry :-(
                                  The toppings were bad though.

                                  1. re: Spike

                                    The El Pelon ones (It's been a year since I had one) were always moist AND flavorful with much bigger pieces of fish, win, win, win.

                                2. Has anyone tried the fish tacos at El Potro? Wondering how they compare to Dorado or El Pelon.