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Mar 28, 2013 06:51 AM

last minute trip to DC, thoughts


Just took advantage of a great seat sale and decided to come down from Montreal to Washington DC for the easter weekend. My wife and I will be heading to the east regional game Saturday night (Verizon Center), and Wizards game Sunday (seems like they are practically giving the seats away on Stubhub for this one, not so much NCAA haha) and are staying downtown. I did some quick looking around and booked a dinner at Vidalia on Saturday night and Ethiopic on Sunday. We are looking for things we wouldn't typically get back home, without breaking the budget. Also considered sitting at the bar at Rasika, is this feasable at say 9:30-10 on Saturday, a better option?

Vidalia is pretty close to our hotel so that would be convenient, but if there are more interesting, lively places for a couple in their early 30s to be on a Saturday night without dealing with lines etc I'd be open to suggestions

THanks a lot!

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  1. off-prime hour at the bar at Rasika? should be cool.

    Vidalia is really good, but also kinda sedate.

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      Got back yesterday, hada great time. We ended up keeping our reservations at vidalia and ethiopic. the game was earlier than i originally thought so I was able to move up the reserveration. Vidalia was an interesting meal, great corn bread, had some of their staple items (sweetbreads & waffles, shrimp and grits) that were quite tasty.
      Ethiopic was a notch above the ethiopian food you can get in Montreal, really nice flavours; service could have been better (usually the service we get in US is much better than here in Canada) but they were nice. Maybe next time will have a bigger budget for some of the high end restaurants I read about, sounds like DC is emerging as a restaurant destination