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Mar 28, 2013 05:54 AM

McDonald's Favorites

There may be a few curmudgeons or snobbish foodies that wouldn't set foot in McD's, but I snag a snack or meal there about once a month. Their remodels are well done and clean. I tend not to enjoy the beef or nuggets much. But who doesn't love their fries? As for a meal, I quite like the Filet o Fish / tartar / cheese / soft as hell buns. I buy two, keep the carbs down by using only one set of buns, and make a double fish, double tartar, double cheese sammie. messy, good.

The other day I stopped in and ordered two one dollar spicy chickens and did the same, two patties, two sets of lettuce and mayo, one set of buns. I left pleasantly sated for the afternoon on $2.15 to the penny. Where else can you do that? Maybe only the Tamale House.

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  1. i think you can buy "Double Filet-O-Fishes" in other cities where it comes with two patties, one cheese, and tartar sauce.

    Filet-O-Fishes and orange Hi-C drink reminds me of my childhood and remains one of the few items I get at McDs when nostalgia calls or I'm on a road trip!

    1. I hate their food now because there so many better options bu there was a time when I needed that combination of their fries, a burger and orange drink every once in a while.

      1. I used to get cravings for the small cheeseburger (warm pickle, mustard and dehydrated onions), but the last time I went, they'd replaced the onions with "real" ones. Bummer.

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          I eventually realized that the dehydrated onions were the only thing that ever prompted me to go to McDonalds. Once I figured out that I could buy them and make my own sandwiches, I was thrilled.

        2. I find the breakfast sandwiches about the only thing i get there anymore, but they are pretty good.
          I like the egg McMuffin as well as all the choices on biscuits.

          1. Back in the day their 1/4 lb burgers were cooked to order and were juicy and delicious. Now it appears they are precooked and microwaved to order and they are dry and tasteless.

            Fries were better as well years ago but still pretty good.