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McDonald's Favorites

There may be a few curmudgeons or snobbish foodies that wouldn't set foot in McD's, but I snag a snack or meal there about once a month. Their remodels are well done and clean. I tend not to enjoy the beef or nuggets much. But who doesn't love their fries? As for a meal, I quite like the Filet o Fish / tartar / cheese / soft as hell buns. I buy two, keep the carbs down by using only one set of buns, and make a double fish, double tartar, double cheese sammie. messy, good.

The other day I stopped in and ordered two one dollar spicy chickens and did the same, two patties, two sets of lettuce and mayo, one set of buns. I left pleasantly sated for the afternoon on $2.15 to the penny. Where else can you do that? Maybe only the Tamale House.

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  1. i think you can buy "Double Filet-O-Fishes" in other cities where it comes with two patties, one cheese, and tartar sauce.

    Filet-O-Fishes and orange Hi-C drink reminds me of my childhood and remains one of the few items I get at McDs when nostalgia calls or I'm on a road trip!

    1. I hate their food now because there so many better options bu there was a time when I needed that combination of their fries, a burger and orange drink every once in a while.

      1. I used to get cravings for the small cheeseburger (warm pickle, mustard and dehydrated onions), but the last time I went, they'd replaced the onions with "real" ones. Bummer.

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          I eventually realized that the dehydrated onions were the only thing that ever prompted me to go to McDonalds. Once I figured out that I could buy them and make my own sandwiches, I was thrilled.

        2. I find the breakfast sandwiches about the only thing i get there anymore, but they are pretty good.
          I like the egg McMuffin as well as all the choices on biscuits.

          1. Back in the day their 1/4 lb burgers were cooked to order and were juicy and delicious. Now it appears they are precooked and microwaved to order and they are dry and tasteless.

            Fries were better as well years ago but still pretty good.

            1. Sometimes I just have to have a Big Mac. I like to add french fries and ketchup to the monstrosity. Thankfully this craving doesn't strike often!

              I also like they egg white breakfast sandwich, along with pretty much all their breakfast offerings.

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                Oh, yes, the egg mcmuffin and less often the more greasy sausage version are road food breakfast staples in my house.

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                  The only thing I like in McD's. and I don't go there often enough to be familiar with their lunch/dinner fare, is the sausage Egg McMuffin. Pure heaven, if you can mop up the grease with a couple of napkins so much the better, but lots of pepper is mandatory. And I love them so much it embarrasses me.

                  1. re: EWSflash

                    Also works better than Ex-Lax. :)

                    1. re: Tom34

                      Yep, sausage and egg mcmuffins are not childs' toys !!! for sure. I'm pretty sure it's the space age grease holding polymers they infuse into that "breakfast patty' that provide that chinese medicine-like value.

              2. I do stop in once every 6 weeks or so and get their McDoubles purely for sustenance, I find their beef patties too mushy - a sign of very cheap mystery meat. And if you ever have to reheat one in the microwave they taste like hell. The QP patties are even worse - just a thicker version of mushy beef. Everything else on their menu is overpriced for the quality of what you get. If I need fries I can wait until I get home to cook some Ore-Ida Fast Food Fries (or better yet, Hill Country Fare Potato Wedges). I'd much rather eat at Dan's, BK, or Carl's Jr.

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                  I do love home cooked fries out of the fry daddy! I haven't had one of those in my home in 20 years but eye them en route to the kitty litter in target every saturday.

                2. I too like to stop in from time to time... a bite of a McDonald's cheeseburger takes me back to one of the earliest tastes I can remember. I hate ketchup on burgers, except for theirs. The whole package doesn't taste like anything else... it doesn't even taste like a burger, really. It just tastes like McDonald's.

                  I also like the Filet O Fish, even though it's basically just a big fish stick with cheese on a bun. I was shocked recently to find that the Fish McBites are good if not... great?

                  So yep, I have to be in the mood for it, but sometimes nothing else quite hits that spot.

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                  1. re: popvulture

                    +1 on the Fish McBites.
                    But if you ever need to reheat them, you have a sleeve of billiards chalk cubes.

                    1. re: Kris in Beijing

                      The McBites, in our area, at least, have been discontinued. I'm sad, 'cause they were decent.

                  2. They have a new small $1 burger - grilled onions with cheddar. I like it for a late night snack. Also agree on the spicy McChicken.

                    1. Egg McMuffin. Two McDoubles and a McChicken for the classic "McGangbang."


                      Haven't had the courage to build a Monster Mac. Yet.


                      1. The FOF (Filet of Fish) is a long time favorite - I order and eat it straight up, sometimes asking for extra lettuce and onions. Usually I cringe at the thought of cheese on fish, but with the FOF, it works.

                        Second fave, Sausage Egg McMuffin. with hash browns. McD's has been doing this sandwich to perfection for years.

                        Now to the neg - last week we bought a Chicken Club Sandwich (crispy). It was awful. The lettuce looked pretty and tasted like cardboard. The chicken and bacon and tomato were tasteless. There was too much nasty tasting mayo over everything. I gave my sandwich to the dog, but even at that, he didn't like the mayo on the bread and tried to eat around it.

                        Alternatively, the fries, as usual, were good.

                        1. I know many don't, but I still enjoy their McNuggets, even the new 'all-white meat' ones. I stop by a few times a year to order a mini-meal for $3 -- small fries, 4 piece chicken nuggets, and a drink. Sometimes I'll add a McDouble for $1 or a plain burger/cheeseburger.

                          I used to order the McChicken regularly, but rarely do now. They are not usually as satisfying as I previously thought. Same for the McGriddles; I loved them when they first came out, but now they leave a weird film on my teeth. Their hash browns are still good for b'fast.

                          1. There are three McD's within four miles of my home and I've
                            made numerous stops with my sister's kids. Each has at least
                            one item that they prepare better than the other locations. At
                            one, it's the griiled chicken sandwich, another the Quarterpounder and the third produces the best fries.

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                            1. re: ferventfoodie

                              Years ago they cooked the Quarterpounder to order and they were juicy & delicious. 2 of them and 2 LG FF would go down easily late night on the weekends.

                              Best I can tell, the McD's around my way precook the 1/4 lb patties and then microwave them to order. Much drier and nowhere near as good.

                              Fries not "quite" as good as the old days but still defy all forms of will power.

                            2. The Filet of Fish is a guilty pleasure, definitely, and their sausage egg & cheese biscuit is somehow just sort of perfect.

                              1. I eat there maybe once or twice a year, and i don't think it all my years I've ever strayed from my order-two cheeseburger meal, no cheese, extra pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard, fries and a coke. They have the best coke. Sometimes I get the large fries and coke, because those two things are just tooooooo damn good! Their little burgers have such a distinctive taste, when I wan't a Mickey D burger, nothing else will satisfy that craving.

                                1. I enjoy their sugar-free Vanilla Iced coffee.

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                                  1. re: cavandre

                                    I love their coffee! But they always put wayyyy to much sugar free syrup

                                    And they can never figure out the difference between lowfat milk and cream :(

                                  2. While their double hamburger for $1 (I always have them hold the cheese) is perhaps great value (assuming you don't mind the excessive salt level), I have to question the value of their $1 chicken item. With 2.5 x the fat and 36% more salt on a weight basis vs. their grilled chicken, one has to question just how much fat (probably chicken skin) is ground into these items and why they need to add so much additional salt (what off taste are they trying to hide with all that extra salt?).

                                    I do admit to liking their FoF (two with an orange drink / no fries), but chalk me up for one who does not find their fries all that appealing. I'm at the point of avoiding all non fresh-cut fries - why waste one's carb intake on something that tastes like greasy cardboard? ;

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                                    1. re: Clams047

                                      Have to disagree on the fries Clams. I don't ever recall seeing a McDonald's FF container with fries still in it being thrown out. Even the ones that fall out into the bag get scarfed. Of all the fast food products that have hit the market over the years, survey after survey have ranked McDonald's fries as the best. Their track record is unparalleled in the industry.

                                      I have never eaten greasy cardboard but better than 50% of the fresh cuts fries I have tried were a soggy, greasy disgusting mess that ended up getting tossed after a few bites. Lot more to it than just dropping a basket with fresh cut.

                                      1. re: Tom34

                                        For me, the ratio is closer to 80% of fresh cut fries being burnt AND soggy. Either they're fried once at the wrong temperature or twice at the wrong temperature. It's gotten to the point where, when I see "fresh cut fries," I immediately ask for a substitute. Frying requires skill, patience, and practice, skills hard to find in a minimum wage worker. Meanwhile, the frozen crinkle cuts I get a the Chinese carryout are done perfectly. Every. Damn. Time.

                                        1. re: monkeyrotica

                                          Yeah I agree, I would ask for chips with a sandwich before fresh cut fries. I also don't like "premium" fries with that batter like coating. Flavor reminds me of a 1970's potato puff which I never took a liking to.

                                          1. re: Tom34

                                            Seems like most of the chain sitdown places are serving coated fries, which I don't care for either. I want my fries to taste like fries. Lots of people love them though. I'm surprised they dont' just skip the potato completely and sell fried batter. That way the batter lovers get what they want and the restaurant doesn't have to pay for potatoes.

                                            1. re: monkeyrotica

                                              Man, I hate, hate, hate the coated fries.

                                              1. re: TroyTempest

                                                I won't waste the calories on them, couple extra beers instead.

                                              2. re: monkeyrotica

                                                I have thought for a long time that FF's had reached the point of perfection. The raw product production has been perfected, the cooking method is so simple and consistent and the profit ratio is among the highest on the menu. I just didn't see any room for improvement and can't understand the need to keep trying to re-invent the wheel.

                                                If a restaurant owner/chef has extra time on their hands, I would prefer they spend it making sure my main course is cooked to order, not playing with my FF.

                                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                  Funny you mentioned fried batter. I love onion rings and a friend picks off and eats the fried batter and leaves the onion on the plate. People do funny things with food.

                                                  1. re: Tom34

                                                    Depends on the onion rings. Burger King's breadcrumb crusted ones are vile, but Popeyes onion rings are heavenly. Staff hates making them, though. Have to make them fresh.

                                                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                      Every time I had B.K. onion rings I got horrible gas. Have not had them in 25 years. if I recall they were filled with minced onion and god knows what else.

                                                      Greek friend owns a Diner. Starts with 1 1/4 inch wide slices of onion from monster #1 grade onions. Then they soak in butter milk solution to take the sharp bite out of them. Then cracker meal, egg bath and then bread crumbs. Then golden brown in the deep fryer. To die for.

                                                      Never had Popeyes onion rings but have eaten the sh*t out of their fried chicken. Always delicious.

                                                      1. re: Tom34

                                                        Ugh, about ten years ago I had a greasy craving, so I stopped at BK and got the onion rings. Never ever again. They were the worst. Hard, dark weird little things. I'd say McDonalds fries and Carls Jrs fried zucchini are the best fast food sides.

                                                        1. re: schrutefarms

                                                          Not familiar with Carl's but McDonald's fries are iconic. I have had better but they are consistently GREAT!!!!!

                                                          1. re: Tom34

                                                            I think Carls Jr is called Hadleys or something like that in other states :)

                                                            1. re: Tom34

                                                              That's not right. Hardees? Their logo is a yellow star.

                                                              1. re: Tom34

                                                                It is Hardees. And I just looked on their menu and they don't have fried zucchini. Maybe it's a California thing? Too bad, because they are great!

                                              3. re: Clams047

                                                Haha! "Cardboard" is the exact word I used to describe In N Outs fries, which are fresh and hand cut. I have been known to stop at McDonalds to get fries before I get a burger at In N Out. They're just so perfect! But, to each his own! :)

                                                1. re: schrutefarms

                                                  Agree with the In & Out comment. I tend to much prefer (a good) fresh cut, but theirs just don't make it. They do taste like cardboard.

                                                  I also agree with those who turn down the battered / rice coated fries. No question they are by far the worst.

                                                  As for "fresh cut", it appears there are fresh cut and there are "fresh" cut. I've had several places claim to serve fresh cut (primarily in non fast food chains, but also in private taverns, etc) that were obviously NOT fresh cut. I'm guessing they were freshly cut at some factory and perhaps were refrigerated off site vs. being frozen.

                                                  Along that line, places such as Five Guys can range from excellent to very poor. Guess even if the frozen fries are mediocre, they do tend to be consistent / predictable.

                                                  I also agree that a poorly prepared fresh cut ranks right down there with most frozen. On the other hand, a properly prepared fresh cut is way beyond the best frozen - a real treat. Unfortunately, there is much variation with fresh cut.

                                                  I still stand that I now gladly forgo any frozen fry, preferring to intake my carbs elsewhere.

                                                  1. re: Clams047

                                                    Agree that fresh cut are great if everything is perfect. IMHO, rarely is that the case.

                                                    Irving on Restaurant Impossible was WAY off the mark on the simplicity of fresh cut. Many, many variables in both the raw ingredients and cooking process. The slightest blip in quality or age of the potato spells disaster. Same for the slightest mistake in the multiple step preparation.

                                                    1. re: Tom34

                                                      Second the importance of sourcing. That's why McDonalds has exclusive arrangements to source their potatoes to get a consistent product. A local upscale eatery was touting the quality of their locally sourced potatoes. Roasted, they were delicious, but fried, they were dense and greasy. I know from experience that a waxy potato will hold up to grilling/roasting, but when frying, I've had better results with floury potatoes. 

                                              4. Their coffee has actually made some significant improvements lately and I no longer detest drinking it.

                                                Additionally, I will give them credit for their biscuit breakfast sandwiches, they are very good. That's about it for me.

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                                                1. re: jrvedivici

                                                  "I no longer detest drinking it."

                                                  That's quite a compliment.

                                                  1. re: TroyTempest

                                                    Kinda the equivalent of "It didn't suck".

                                                    1. re: grampart

                                                      yeah, I'm going to try to remember that line.

                                                      1. re: TroyTempest

                                                        Right up there with "Better than Hitler."

                                                2. I love the Hi-C orange (as long as the franchisee doesn't get stupidly cheap and mix it weak). I'm surprised other fast food chains don't serve it.

                                                  1. Sorry to bring this back up, but I have an update, and a new favorite - the McGangBang: