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Mar 28, 2013 04:14 AM

Cheesesteak near 30th Street Station

In Philadelphia for one day. Walking between 30th St Station and Barnes Foundation (Benjamin Franklin Pkwy), where should I get a cheesesteak. It's for lunch -- please hurry!

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  1. I can't vouch for their cheesesteaks personally, but Little John's Pizza gets some good feedback on yelp! its located at 21st and Race sts.

    I would also check out any food cart/trucks that you might pass along the way.

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    1. re: rocknroll52

      Little Johns is pretty bad. I've suffered through their food for one too many lunch meetings for me to let that one pass. The two biggest differences between that place and a typical, everyday food truck: it doesn't have wheels, and the food is worse.

      1. re: caganer

        that's too bad! as I said, not based on personal experience, but quite a few yelpers have given this place good marks. Have you had their cheesesteaks, caganer?

    2. Go to Kite and Key, 18th and Callowhill. two blocks from the Barnes. There is also a food court in the station where you can find a cheesesteak. Also Bridgewaters Pub in 30th Street serves a cheesesteak.

      1. If I were you, I'd hit Beck's Cajun Cafe inside of 30th St Station. They have a sandwich called the Train Wreck. It is prepared like a traditional cheesesteak but with the addition of andouille sausage, salami, and remoulade. A real gut bomb, but delicious. Their other food is good too, especially the soups and stews.