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Mar 28, 2013 03:48 AM


An interesting collaboration between Victory 44, Dogwood Coffee and Rustica Bakery all in an equally unique shared space with Forage Modern Workshop. I was excited to find a coffee stout from Indeed that I hadn't previously seen (collaboration with dogwood), it was good but not better than Fulton's War & Peace. I had the Fried Chicken w/ biscuit, gravy, carrots and peas which I thought was really good and a sizable portion for $15, I had been worried before ordering that it wouldn't be enough. I saw someone else order the french fries with whipped truffle ranch that looked really good, I'd probably order them next time. My friends had the Kale and the Brussels, the quail eggs with the brussels looked like a nice touch and they both liked their dishes.~$60 with a couple beers and a couple glasses of wine and three entrees not bad in my opinion. It's upscale food in a relaxed atmosphere in the vein of Victory 44.

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