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Mar 27, 2013 09:23 PM

Canteen - YEG

I went for dinner at Canteen recently and I really liked it. I can't wait to try it for brunch. I had the shortribs and my fellow diner had the duck confit and butternut squash lasagna. Even the crisp Brussels sprouts with the lasagna were delicious. We also had the fries and chicken rillettes to start and the lemon curd for dessert.

All around, an enjoyable meal with good, professional service.

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  1. I have now been for brunch 3 times and, I must say, overall, Canteen is fantastic. I was only let down by the grilled cheese option on the brunch menu - super greasy, not much distinct flavour, and the plating was...well, off. However, the ricotta fritters with smoky maple syrup are awesome, and the other two entrees that I have had, the short rib and the salmon, were both fantastic. I'd have to choose the salmon one as my favorite, although for some, that sauce may be too rich. My dining companion raved about the french toast. The last time we were there, someone in my group ordered the huevos rancheros (it was the special that day, but is not on the regular menu) and she won out for plate envy. Wow, did that ever look good. I'm hoping they replace the grilled cheese option with that dish, permanently. The bacon-in-beer seems to be quite popular, but I haven't tried it. Oh, and try the pop-tart. Whimsical, and actually quite tasty.

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      Went for brunch recently and was very pleased. The short rib was hearty but not greasy and I love the cure on the salmon! The only thing I would have liked is more yolk on the short ribs and more pieces of salmon, because I'm greedy that way.

      I tried the ricotta fritters too - peppery and savory. And the maple syrup wasn't too sweet, which made it perfect.