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Mar 27, 2013 08:43 PM

Portland veteran looking for some new spots

I have been visiting Portland a few times a year for the past 10 years and am looking for some new spots or hidden gems. Huge fan of bakeries, hole in the wall restaurants, authentic cuisine, and general high quality goods.

Here is a list of some of the places I have already visited:
Pok Pok
Le Pidgeon
Tasty and Son's
Kenny and Zuke's
All the coffee places
Apizza Scholls
Olympic Provisions
Almost all the breweries and distilleries
Pine State Biscuits
Salt and Straw
Clyde Commons

Any recommendations or help is highly appreciated.


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  1. To get things started...

    Blue Star Donuts
    Little Bird
    Dar Salam
    Nedd Ludd
    St. Jack

    1. Lauretta Jean's (pies and biscuits, great biscuit sandwich for breakfast, decent coffee/espresso drinks)
      Meat Cheese Bread
      Little T's American Baker
      St. Jack
      Roe (Wafu's high end private room in back, reseervations only)
      Accanto (brunch on weekend and dinner)
      Spints Alehouse (brunch on weekend and dinner)
      Beaker & Flask (great dinner & awesome cocktails)
      Kir Wine Bar (awesome by the glass list of wines from smaller wineries from around the world and great small plates that are not all that small ;o)
      Hokusei (sit at the sushi bar - great nigiri - especially the specials list, nice sake list, good cocktails)
      Mi Mero Mole (Mexico City-style guisados (stews) in your choice of delivery device - taco, burrito, memela - corn tortillas are hand made on-site, great margaritas of various types, one of the best tequila and mescal lists in town)
      Boke Bowl
      Little Bird (Le Pigeon's more traditional sister in downtown)
      Podnah's Pit BBQ (even if you are from Texas, this is awesome stuff...which is saying a lot)

      1. Paley's Place
        Mucca: excellent Tuscan style Italian with great fresh ingredients
        Three Doors Down
        Higgins bar
        Luc Loc (not during sort of traditional dining hours as it is a hipster paradise then, go at like 4:30)
        James John Cafe for Sunday brunch
        Bar Avignon
        Double Dragon: Bahn mi sandwiches (meatball)
        Bunk Bar

        The last two or three times I have eaten at Beaker the food has been less than acceptable. I do think they just got a new chef but I might think twice about that. The drinks are still excellent and it is a beautiful spot.