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Mar 27, 2013 07:00 PM

Lunch near NYU during Passover???

Meeting friends near NYU and am looking for a decent lunch place other than pasta/pizza/sandwiches....doesn't have to be KOSHER but need to have something without wheat...HELP!!

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  1. Just Salad on 53 E 8th St, New York 10003
    (Btwn Greene & Mercer St)

    1. Galanga on West 4th near Washington Square Park. Have some curries and rice. Maybe pad thai, just need to confirm which dishes that they use soy sauce in. Rice noodles themselves and fish sauce are typically wheat free.

      1. Are you looking for someplace to approximate a kosher-for-Passover meal, or is one of your party intolerant of wheat? I suspect it's the former, in which case rice & corn are out.

        Dojo has a lot of salads:

        B&H (which is very small, so if your group is 4+ you'll have to split up) has matzoh brie and a lot of soups & omelets: