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Mar 27, 2013 06:30 PM

Capt'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co in Yardley

The opening of any new restaurant in Yardley is, for us, a cause for celebration. Even more so when it actually turns out to be good!

We discovered around 5:45 pm today that Capt'n Chucky's had opened up and managed to sneak over there to pick up some dinner before their closing time at 6:30 pm. Everything was either refrigerated or frozen, but heated up very nicely in the oven/microwave.

New England clam chowder: Very flavorful and creamy, with nice chunks of clam. No potatoes, as indicated on their menu, but we didn't miss them. This was even better than the version we had at Legal Seafoods during a recent trip to Boston.

The Smith Island and the Imperial Breaded crab cakes: Delicious! Both were full of lump crab meat and were well-seasoned. The Smith Island was more "crabby", but the Imperial had the nice, crisp breading after heating.

Stuffed mushroom: Also very tasty, with a spinach/cheese filling that I'd be more than happy to eat just by itself!

Lobster bisque: This was the only item we weren't crazy about. Not terrible, just kind of bland.

We googled the restaurant after dinner and discovered that its other locations already have fans here. So glad to have a location near us. Hopefully, they'll start doing specials here too!

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  1. Good to hear, thanks! I just noticed this place last week and was wondering if it was any good. So it's ok if you wander in around 6-6:15 to pick stuff up for dinner? I'd have trouble getting there much earlier than that.

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    1. re: sadiefox

      We got there a little past 6 and they still had plenty of stuff, so should be no problem!

    2. I go to the Captain Fluffys as my friend John calls it, in bluebell but a new location has opened much closer to me in Colmar. If I could only figure out where the new Colmar joint is. Anyone know? Colmar is just not that big a town.
      The bluebell place has weekly dinner specials and you can even sign up for emails to tell you what the next one will be. John really liked the lobster mac and cheese special.

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      1. re: givemecarbs

        Colmar, PA
        (267) 477-1445
        285 Bethlehem Pike
        Colmar, PA 18915
        (Corner of Rt. 309 and Advanced Lane)

        1. re: cwdonald

          Thanks I googled it but is it near Catherine Carber Candy or something? There are so many joints on 309, it took me forever to find Goombas he he. It could be in that strip center across from Walmart but I'm pretty sure that would come up as Hilltown.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Did you find it? It's near-ish to Produce Junction, across 309 from the UHaul place. Same complex as Lumber Liquidators.

            1. re: SnowCat

              Thanks snowcat I just found it last night. The little trailer all decorated with a big crab helped. It can be very hard to find little businesses tucked away on 309 if you are driving alone. The whole looking out for other cars thing.
              Thanks for using a food place as a point of reference. He he!

      2. So, this is not a restaurant, but a retail outlet for crab cakes. Before I travel to Yardley, tell me they're fresh and not frozen.

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        1. re: famdoc

          FamDoc they are fresh. There are also outlets for this chain in Colmar on 309 and in Bluebell on 202. I have made them and am reasonably happy with the quality of the crab and the ratio of crab to filler.

          1. re: famdoc

            Yes, they're a retail only place. As cwdonald said, the crab cakes are fresh; some of the soups are frozen.

            Not sure where you're located, but if we lived in Philly, we certainly wouldn't travel to Yardley to get their crab cakes. They're a good option for picking up a tasty dinner around here.

            1. re: msiangal

              Let's just say that I'll continue to buy my crab cakes from Buckingham Valley Seafood in Buckingham. Not sure what I'm reading justifies a trip to Yardley (20-25 minutes).

            2. re: famdoc

              I've only been to the one in bluebell but they have fresh and frozen crabcakes and soups salads specials etc

            3. So we've picked up stuff from this place 2 more times since my initial review. New items we've tried:

              Rock Hall crab cake: doesn't really taste that different from the Imperial Breaded crab cakes.

              Imperial breaded stuffed shrimp and crab imperial: not bad, but nothing special.

              Cream of crab soup: Meh.

              Snapper soup: well, let's just say we threw it out after we tasted it. Maybe it just wasn't to our taste, but it smelled bizarrely like sweet potato pie (tasted kind of like it too) and had a really unappealing look and texture.

              We'll go back, but will stick with the Smith Island crab cake, stuffed mushrooms, and clam chowder.

              1. We've gotten crabcakes and other misc items from the one in Collegeville before. The crabcakes are OK, but I prefer those from Hill's Seafood by a large margin.