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Mar 27, 2013 05:32 PM

How to chop seeds without them flying everywhere?

Tonight I made a recipe that called for a tablespoon of coarsely chopped caraway seeds. I put them on the cutting board and chopped away, but not without 1,000 seeds flying everywhere. So, tell me wise CHers, is there an easier, better way to chop seeds?

I don't have a spice mill or a coffee grinder, but I suppose you could pulse them in a blender too, right?

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  1. Have you got a mortar and pestle? You could crush them in there. You could also put the caraway seeds on a cutting board, then use a heavy pan to break them up. It keeps them from flying all over.

    1. Pour tiny seeds in a plate, cover with the bottom of a second plate and while moving the top plate back and forth you'll crush the seeds btwn the two plates.

      Now, I've never bothered to coarsely chop caraway seeds but this method will work for seeds the size of sunflower seeds and smaller.

      1. Put the seeds in a ziploc baggie first, then find any heavy object and crush away.

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          I find my meat mallet to be great with this method.

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            Or a tiny mortar and pestle and grind away. I bought a teeny-tiny set at Cost Plus for about $3.

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              Yup. Use a full bottle of something or a rolling pin and just 'roll' the seeds.

            2. As seen on TV slap chopper thing. I only use it for nuts and got one for like $5.

              1. Food processor or blender will do the job