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Mar 27, 2013 04:40 PM


I had a really good chicken shawarma pita at Agabi in Oakville. The hot sauce was terrific.

The service was friendly and, given the crowd, prompt.

The portions were large on all the dishes I saw. Sharing is in order if you aren't a hungry hungry boy or girl.

The tea was really nice too.

The Chef took a couple of minutes to help me get on the Wifi, even though the place was busy.

The greek salad was nothing special (but it was big). The white sauce tasted like tartar sauce.

I'd go again if I was in Oakville looking for chicken shawarma.

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  1. I used to go to this place when it was at its old location but then I had a very bad experience dining in with my family/parents. I was very clear that they didn't want any sauces on their dishes, my parents are like that, they like things simplier and also not on their salad. THey still served it with the sauces and the waitress was basically saying that it tasted good like that totally disregarding our request. I also wondered how they managed to bring the dishes back so quickly so wondering what they did (i.e. "Wipe" off the sauce or what).

    Anyway, I went back for take out once after that just to give them another chance and I felt the food wasn't as fresh/good as it used to be. I haven't been to the new location but my parents did decide to go back and try it again and they said it wasn't as good as Monfort. I am not even a particular fan of Monfort myself anymore (again, service issues when dining in, and the quality of ingredients/cooking isn't as good as the original days).

    I will give Agabi another shot based on your rec.

    My go to spot now is THe Chef's Door for when I get a craving in Oakville - Across from the Oakville Go station. I don't know how the other locations are but it is pretty good.

    Went to another spot in Oakville recently - Lourice - I definitely won't be going back there. Shawarma was horrible.

    (btw - a city or some other description in the title would probably help other CHers that don't live in Oakville :) )