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Mar 27, 2013 04:32 PM

Rubbery texture of homemade frozen chicken stock

I baked chicken breasts in the oven last week and froze the juices that were released in a small open plastic container. Yesterday I checked and the frozen chicken stock is not hard like other frozen stuff, but it is of a weird rubbery texture. It also has small rubbery circles on top that kinda come off... that's the fat I guess.
Is this normal? Or should it be hard like ice?

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  1. Mine always freezes hard (but always covered). Did you add any alcohol to the chicken bake? Was the container in a warmer spot in the freezer (door, edge)?

    1. Are you sure you're not confusing rubbery with beautifully gelatinous and delicious?

      1. How cold is your freezer?

        1. My question is why would you freeze the supposed juice from baked chicken in an open container?Then you go on and call it frozen stock when you checked it yesterday.It sounds to me you just froze some fat that came off the chicken while you baked it.

          1. okay -- how much liquid are we talking about? Baked chicken breasts shouldn't give off enough liquid to bother with.

            If you'd covered it, I'd say that yes, it's got lots of collagen in it, which gets rubbery (like jello) when it cools.

            But since it's been sitting exposed to the air in what I'm going to assume is a frost-free freezer for the better part of a week, it might just be rubbery because it's semi-dehydrated and freezer burned.

            I'd just chuck it and remind yourself to cover it the next time around.

            And yes, the little waxy circles are fat.