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Mar 27, 2013 04:22 PM

No Salt

Do any of you use this product? If so, how do you use it, like regular salt, before during and after cooking? Or just after cooking? Do you find that it gives food a bitter after taste? Or do anything else to the flavor/texture of the food?

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  1. Never cook with KCl salt substitutes - they turn bitter when heated. Season your food with them just before serving/consuming. I've heard good things about AlsoSalt, but I've never tried a substitute that measures up to plain old NaCl.

    Are you trying to reduce your overall sodium intake? There are other ways to go about it. Plus, you still have to be careful with the substitutes because excess potassium in the body can be very dangerous.

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      I am cooking for someone who wants no salt - I don't use the No Salt a lot because I really dislike the flavor.... but am curious how other people use it or other salt replacements
      , as I am particularly sensitive to bitter sometimes.

      What are you suggestions for eliminating salt (not just cutting back). I have used nutritional yeast, use spice and acid, etc...

    2. Have tried the KCl substitutes and, yes, I do find them a bit on the bitter side, sometimes with the ubiquitous metallic taste. I try to beef up my cooking with herbs and spices to get away from increasing my salt intake, but at the same time I have read where Hyponatremia cases are also on the rise when people have problems with their electrolyte levels.

      1. I restrict my sodium intake & use all of the Mrs. Dash's seasonings a lot in cooking. Lemon Pepper is my fave. I just saw an interesting trio of citrus seasonings on Amazon & ordered them because the flavor combos sounded good:

        I don't use a salt substitute. When I need to use salt for a recipe, I cut way back & use sea salt.

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