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Mar 27, 2013 03:43 PM

Chinatown Lobster...Pricey

Just checked and much to my surprise, prices have jumped significantly.

Twin lobsters at New Jumbo:$42.95

Twin Lobsters at Peach Farm: $38.95

Yah, I know prices rise - but a little shocked at the size of the jump - usually about $25 for twin lobsters.

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  1. Not a big surprise they are priced 12.99/lb at cmart this week, dungeness were by contrast a bargin at 9.99/lb who would have thunk, in the summer the prices were 4-6/lb.

    1. Maybe there is a lobster shortage. The past two weeks there have been no lobsters for sale at the Burlington Market Basket. Shortage = higher prices.

      1. There has been a moratorium on lobster fishing along the East Coast - MD to ME - since February. Consequently, the only lobsters around are Canadian and expensive. The moratorium lifts on April 1.

        This situation exists here in NJ and my buddies that lobster for a livin' are pretty unhappy (and, for the most part, pretty drunk).

        1. how can there be a shortage when all I've been hearing for the last year is that there is a glut of lobsters? Did someone decide to "create" a shortage to up the prices?

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            Yes, pretty much, in the sense that it was done consciously. I just explained it. Although, I don't think increasing prices was the impetus.