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Mar 27, 2013 03:08 PM

What's in Season In Japan/Tokyo in September?

Early September (second week). (And don't mention that it's a crummy time of year to visit because of the still lingering summer heat and typhoon season - it's my birthday and our wedding anniversary and that's where we decided to go to celebrate!).

Anything that's a must try? Anything that should be avoided (either too late in terms of summer or too early for fall)? Robyn

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    1. re: killersmile

      Thank you for these replies. And I had another idea. We can simply go to a department store food basement and see what's there and local. Will give us a good idea what fruits and vegetables and seafood are in season. Robyn

      1. re: pvgirl

        Agree - Depachikas are a good barometer of what's out there in general...

    2. Most decent places in Japan will gear their menu for the season, so if you stick to the blackboard/whiteboard specials, you will be getting the seasonal best.

      Sanma (a type of mackerel or saury or something or other in English..), kaki (persimmons), and matsutake mushrooms are the three items that immediately come to my mind for late summer-early autumn.

      Sanma is good salted and grilled but in this season you can occasionally get sanma sashimi. It will depend on the place though...Persimmons are worth grabbing from nice fruit purveyors and maybe taking back to your hotel room. There are a surprising amount of varieties and they can be expensive for one fruit, but might be worth a try...Matsutake dishes are ubiquitous in early fall. I think most are imported from big production places in China. Domestic matsutake are probably expensive...

      ...I'm not sure if early September is too early for these items though. You'll have to keep an eye out...